You're In Labor But He's Not There

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Zayn: You were atBabies R’ Uswith your best friend (Y/F/N) shopping for baby clothes. You are not due for another week. Zayn and the rest of One Direction are in the studio recording some songs for their new album. Zayn was hesitant to leave you as he was afraid you would need him. You thought Zayn was being silly,because (Y/F/N) was here and you didn’t think the baby was coming anytime soon. You found a cute little pink floral dress for your little girl when you felt like you just wet yourself. Your water just broke. Immediately you started freaking out and screaming for your friend who was on the other side of the store. “(Y/F/N) my water just broke! I’m having my baby girl!” (Y/F) rushes over and grabs your hand and starts leading you to the car. She starts driving you to the hospital. “You have to call Zayn, please call Zayn.” You say in complete pain. You didn’t want your husband to miss the birth of your first born child! “I can’t right now I’m driving but I promise the minute we get to the hospital I will call him for you okay?” You get to the hospital and nurses rush you off to a secluded room. Your worried that Zayn won’t make it in time. After a few minutes Zayn bursts through the doors and comes and sits by your side. “I didn’t miss right babe?” he asks. “No, we still have a long ways to go.” After several excruciating hours, you and Zayn welcome your new baby girl Brooklyn.

Liam: Your due in a few days and Liam refused to leave your side for the past 2 weeks. He says hes afraid that you’ll need something and he won’t be there to take care of you. Since Liam hasn’t left your side for the past two weeks, your house hasn’t gotten an ounce of food. You’re starving and since you’re eating for two you beg Liam to go out and get you some food! You finally convince him by saying that it’s something that you really need and he would be your superhero if he could do this for you! Liam hesitantly goes out to the store and gets you a proper meal. While Liam’s gone you decide to just relax and read a book on the couch. While reading your book you notice the couch is a little wet underneath you. You realize your water just broke!Oh Shit,You think to yourself. You rush over to the phone as fast as you can and call an ambulance. Next you dial Liam and tell him whats happening. He leaves the store and gets in the car and starts driving back to you. He stays on the phone with you while you wait for the ambulance. Once the ambulance arrives they take you to the hospital where Liam meets you. After a couple hours you were welcomed to your pride and joy, your baby boy Issac.

Louis: It’s a week before you are supposed to be due. Louis is just wrapping up his tour in North America. Today is the last day of the tour and he is hopping on a plane to come and see you in London and await the birth of your baby girl. You are with your mother going out for a quick lunch after some baby shopping. You and your mum sit down at a great fish and chips place near the water. You quickly get up from your meal to go to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom you notice your pants are a wet. Your water broke. You burst out of the bathroom and called for your mother to tell her what happened. She abandons her lunch and helps you into her car. She drives you to the hospital. Throughout the whole car ride you try to explain to her how she must call Louis and tell him that your giving birth today! Once your at the hospital they take you into a room as the contractions start. Your mother has Louis on the phone and he unfortunately cannot make it and you can tell by his voice he is heartbroken. Louis stays on the phone with you the whole time. You welcome you new baby girl Justice. Louis flies down the next day to be greeted by his beautiful new daughter.  

Niall: It’s the day before you are due. You and Niall are spending the day at home watching silly movies and eating tons of food! During the middle of the movie ‘Anchorman’ you get a major craving for chocolate. Niall being a really great helper quickly goes out to get you all your favorite chocolates. Once he’s gone you continue the movie laughing hysterically throughout the whole movie. A few minutes after he left you felt the couch beneath you go wet. You look down and notice that you water had just broke! Quickly you call Niall and tell him what happened. Since he was only a few minutes away he turned around and rushed back to your shared house. You start contractions in the middle of your living room. Niall bursts through the door and picks you up off the floor and carries you to the car. He drives you to the hospital where you give birth to you son Samuel.

Harry: Throughout your whole pregnancy Harry hasn’t been able to keep his hands off of you! He says he loves the way you look pregnant. You think it’s strange but cute that he loves you no matter what condition your in. It’s a few days before your due and Harry is at a radio interview for BBC. He was refusing to leave you but you knew deep down he wanted to get away from you, this pregnancy has made you pretty crabby. While he was gone you took the opportunity to pamper yourself by going to the nail salon with your best friend to get a manicure. While your at the nail salon your water breaks forcing your friend to drive you to the hospital. You try to call Harry at the hospital but you can’t reach him! You leave him a message and hope he will make it in time. After a few hours Harry bursts into the room and rushes to your side. After that you go through a few more hours with a few complications but end up with a perfectly healthy little girl named Darcy.

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