Mind If I Join You? ~Zarry Dirty Imagine

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PROMPT: A zarry one where harry has strong feelings for zayn and gets really jelous when girls flirt with zayn. One day a very tired zayn accidentally walks on harry in the shower and likes wat he sees. It doesnt have to be a SMUT but only if you want to. Sorry if its a bit confussing.

All right, so here’s the deal, I set it up perfectly for smut but I didn’t do it. I NEED TO WRITE MY FIIIIC AMG. Sorry. Anyway, I might continue this one later but I felt that I needed to give you guys something. D; I hope you like it. :) Kinda crappy. ;(

Harry looked over at Zayn from across the room. He was sitting on a couch with girls surrounding him; he had his arms draped around their shoulders. He stared on watching as they giggled loudly over something he had said. It wasn’t even that funny. Zayn glanced over at Harry and smiled, he faked one back.

“You all right, mate?” He asked, slightly concerned that his friend wasn’t being cheeky like usual.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine! Just a bit tired.”

“You want to head back?” Zayn asked, not totally buying the excuse.

“No, no it’s okay. You can stay. I’ll just go.” He got up before Zayn could talk and walked out of the room. With a small shrug Zayn turned to look at one of the girls next to him and smiled.


Harry was disappointed in himself. He’d felt this way about Zayn for a while now but he’d never let it show like that. It had been so obvious. He needed to learn to hide his emotions better; someone was bound to catch on. With a sigh he made his way to the hotel elevator, stepping in as it opened. He stared at the ground while the elevator moved up.

Finally he reached the room he and Zayn were sharing and threw his phone on the bed.

‘He can’t know I like him. If he knew, he’d tell everyone and I’d never live it down. The public would probably find out, too.’

Closing the door behind him he stripped down to his boxers and made his way to the shower.


Zayn had only been able to stay for almost an hour and a half after Harry left, he had pulled an all-nighter the day before and preformed on no sleep. Now it was passed 11 PM and he was exhausted. Making his way to the elevator sluggishly he pressed the up button and stepped in.

He arrived at his floor within a minute and walked down the hallway to his and Harry’s room. His eyes were half lidded as he opened the door and saw Harry’s clothes on the floor. ‘Must be asleep.’ He thought. The Bradford boy cast a longing glance at his bed on the other side of the room and shook his head. He hadn’t showered after the show like he usually did, and he felt dirty. He needed to clean up before he could go to bed. His eyes were half lidded when he opened the bathroom door and got undressed. He pulled the shower curtain to the side and his eyes finally opened completely when he saw Harry completely nude with his hand wrapped around his cock.

“Oh my God! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-“ He interrupted himself when he finally got a good look down below. “Oh… My God.” He repeated, now staring. Harry had paused and was just looking at Zayn in shock. Why had he come in here? Did he not know he was taking a shower?

“I- um… I’m sorry, I’ve been out of it lately and I didn’t hear the shower. I must not have been paying much attention…” Zayn whispered, finally looking Harry in the eyes.

“It’s okay…” Harry licked his lips and let himself venture down, studying the chiseled body.

“Do you… Do you mind if I join you?” Zayn asked, stepping in before he got an answer.

“No, not at all.” The younger boy said with a smirk, “Come right in.”

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