His mum calls while your making love.

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Harry: You and Harry are still laying in post-sex bliss while his phone rings. He winks at your cheekily before answering his phone. It was late, so he was expecting one of the boys. “Harry Styles, sex god, with a very beautiful naked lady in his bed. Mum… Hi” You clamp your hands over your mouth, trying to contain your laughter. You are unsuccessful, laughing escaping your swollen lips. You get up to leave the room while Harry tries to salvage his dignity.

Liam: You are taking off your shirt while the phone rings. You hear Liam move to check the caller I.D. (Y/N), Liam whimpers frantically, “(Y/N) its my mum!” You move over to look at the phone. “So, ignore it?” You suggest. “What if she suspects something?” He asks with wide eyes. “Then answer it?” you try again. “I can’t! Then she will definitely know somethings up!” During his freak out the phone stopped ringing. The mood was dead so you helped comfort your boyfriend, who was claiming he’d never be able to face his mom again.

Louis: “Hi Mum,” Louis greets his mother on the phone. You are sitting beside him, put out. Who answers the phone in the middle of sex? Your boyfriend that’s who. You decided to give him a little payback. You begin dragging your hand up his this slowly. His breathing gets a little heavy, and he swats you away. Unsatisfied with his response, you move swiftly between his legs. His eyes grow wide as you tease his tip. He hastily hangs up the phone when you move to take more of him in in your mouth. He pushes you away before throwing you on your back, “You are going to pay for that my little minx.”

Niall: You were making quick work of yours and Niall’s clothes when his phone rang. He hesitates before looking at the screen, “It’s my mum,” you look up. “So?” He looks a little unsure. “It might be important.” he trails off. You cock an eyebrow before yanking down his trousers. “More important than this?” You ask innocently, your hand trailing along his chest. He shakes his head quickly. “No,” He admits feebly before throwing his phone away.

Zayn: Zayn rolls off of you to answer his phone. You sit up, turned on and now pissed off. “I swear Zayn, you better put down that phone, get back here and finish what you started or there will be hell to pay.” He dismisses you easily, answering the phone and walking out of the room to talk to his mum. When he gets back you are lying on your side and everything on his side of the bed is missing. “Couch” you snap, Flinging your arm behind you in the direction of the living room

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