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Pen Your Pride

You walk in on another band member "Wanking"

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Zayn: You and Zayn were kissing intently, not even acknowledging the existence of four other teenage boys in the room. (Yes, four. Not three! Four.) “Babe, I’ll be right back.” You excuse yourself, Zayn clinging onto your waist and pulling you down. “Noooo!” He whines, lips connecting with yours again. You giggle and stay with him for a few more minutes, not realizing that Liam got up and stepped out. You pulled away, standing up. “Don’t leave!” Zayn begs. The boys groan and Zayn shoots them a glare. You roll your eyes and run to the bathroom, your shirt halfway on because of Zayn constantly rubbing his hands up and down your sides. You ran into the bathroom when you saw Liam, pumping himself. “AHHHH!” You both scream and you slam the door shut. You giggle under your breath because you were shocked. Directioners weren’t lying when they said 10 inches! You sit on the floor, rocking back and forth when the boys come rushing over. “What happened?!” Louis asks and you just start cracking up. They all look down at you confused, when Liam steps out, face flushed, head low. “[Y/N], I can’t begin to say how sorry I- why are you laughing?” “Huge.” Is all you say and he blushes. You stand up and go to hug him, then step back. You point to his hands and he says “Washed. I promise.” You giggle and so does he, and you give him a hug. “I love you Li!” You laugh and he chuckles. The boys never caught on surprisingly and you two kept it to yourselves.

Liam: “So babe, you ready to go?” Liam asks you, throwing his arms over your shoulders. You nod, following Eleanor, Louis, Zayn and Perrie out of the tour bus. You girls made plans to surprise the boys for a few nights and they thought it would be nice to go on a triple date to dinner. All of you looking amazing, you leave when you realize you forgot your purse. “Shit, my purse.” You whisper and Liam smiles at you. “Don’t worry babe, I’ll pay.” “Awe Li, thanks, but it goes with my outfit and it has my ID.” He nods and lets you go get it. You walk onto the bus and to the bunks when you hear moaning. Nervous as to what you would find, you look and see Harry, computer in hand, watching a pretty intense “risque scene.” “PENIS!” You scream and he scrambles to cover himself. Niall comes running out from the bathroom, laughing hysterically. “[Y/N]! W-what are you doing here?!” Harry stutters. “I forgot my bag … lonely?!” You ask and he turns pink, Niall turning red from laughing so hard. “A little.” He admits and you start giggling. “Nice size Styles, not bad.” You admit and he smirks. You kiss his cheek and he smiles at you, blowing a kiss back. You step out and hop back into the black SUV with everyone else. “Everything okay?” Liam smiles. You nod and cuddle into his side as he kisses your forehead.

Louis: “Truth or dare?” Zayn asks, slurring his words. You and the boys decided to play a game of drinking truth or dare. If someone asks you a truth and you answer, the person who asks takes a shot. If someone dares you to do something, and you do it, that person takes a shot. If you don’t complete the dare, you take a shot and every ten minutes, you all take a shot. You, being the most sober, laugh at the boys. You did every dare and answered every truth the boys told you to do, the only drink you had was the shots that you all had to take every ten minutes. “Dare.” Louis answers. “I dare you to … put whipped cream on your dick and have [Y/N] lick it off.” Your eyes popped out of your head and Louis smirked at you. He stood up and in a matter of minutes, his pants were down, his man area doused in whipped cream. You glare at Zayn and he chuckles. “You guys aren’t uncomfortable with this?” You ask and in response you got a symphony of hell no’s and never’s. You groan and trudge over to your boyfriend, who is more than ready to receive a blow job. “I DON’T WANNA!” You whine and they all throw pretzels at you. “Fine!” You groan and get down on your knees. “I hate you.” You scowl at Louis. “You love me.” He smirks back, his fingers already tangling in your hair. You huff and close your eyes and before you know it, the overwhelming taste of vanilla cream is dancing across your taste buds. You hear Louis moaning as his hands guide your head back and forth. “Fuuuuck.” He moans and you continue, enjoying it yourself actually. Two minutes later, when Louis released and you both got cleaned up, you both sat down again, him holding you in his arms. You look around to see Niall missing. “… Where’s Nialler?” “Masturbating.” Liam hiccups and you all get up and creep into your and Louis’ bedroom where he is massaging his shaft. “Niall!” You shout and he jumps, head shooting up and eyes snapping open. You all roll around in laughter and the boys leave. “Turned on?” You ask, looking into his glassy, drunken eyes. He nods and you push him onto the floor, straddling him. You lowered your lips to his ear and whispered “Aren’t you happy you have two hands?” You felt him harden even more, and you kiss the spot below his ear. You smirk and stand up, going back to your boyfriend. The next day, the boys remember everything (which upsets you, knowing they remember you giving Louis a blow) and Niall keeps looking over at you, biting his lip.

Harry: “Please.” “No.” “Please?” “No.” “PLEASE!” “FINE!” Harry gives in and you giggle as he mumbles and stands up. “If you keep mumbling, I won’t give you after dinner sex!” You say and he instantly runs into the kitchen and starts rummaging through the cabinets and fridge. Harry makes his famous fajitas and you both enjoy a wonderful dinner. “Thanks babe.” You smirk and he pats his lap. You laugh and cuddle up into his chest, rubbing your hand down his abdomen. He bites his lip as you kiss his jaw. “Dinner was delicious.” You whisper in his ear, biting on his earlobe. “That was just the appetizer.” He grins, kissing and nibbling on your collarbone. He picks you up and lays you down on the couch, kissing down to your right mammary. He sucks on it, leaving it a dark red mixed with a bright purple. You moan as he kisses the sweet spot on your neck. “Hazzzz, Zayn is supposed to come to pick up his-” “He can wait.” He interrupts. Little did you both know, the door was unlocked and Zayn waltzed right in. He saw you two kissing and having a bit of foreplay before you got it on. He thought it would be rude to interrupt, so he simply watched. He got turned on a bit too easily and he ran to the bedroom to jerk off. “Lets go to the bedroom.” Harry growled and you nodded, nibbling on his neck as he carried you upstairs. “I’m going to fuck you so- ZAYN?!” You both scream and Harry drops you. “Ow!” You squeal and stand up, dusting yourself off. Zayn quickly put “it” away, but not quick enough and you stared at him. “[Y/N]!” They both shouted and you snapped out of your trance. “Sorry! … Wow Zayn, impressive.” He turned red and you laughed, Harry slapping your arm gently. You stopped, looking down. Zayn took the jacket that he came for and quickly ran out of the house. Harry glared at you and you crossed your arms. “No sex for you, Mrs. Giggles.” “No sex for you either Mr. Drop-Your-Girlfriend-On-The-Floor-And-Leave-Her-There!” Harry’s face flushed. “I’m sorry.” “Sorry doesn’t get you laid.” You smirked and went into the shower. Unfortunately, Harry was “really dirty” and had to clean place that were “hard to reach on his own.”

Niall: “You sure Horan?” “Positive [Y/L/N]!” “Fine.” You smirked and you both looked at the red plastic cups set out in front of you. Beer pong. You were the master at beer pong, but Niall was convinced he was better. “You go first, Mr. Horan.” “No, you first Ms. Soon-to-be Horan.” You blushed and he smiled as your hands touched when he gave you the ping pong ball. Even though you have been dating Niall for a year, everything is like the first time with him. You threw the ball down, it bounced of the table and into the first red cup. Niall smirked as he drank the beer in the cup. This went on back and forth and neither of you realized Louis walk into your backyard. “Last cup Horan, you ready to lose?” “Don’t be cocky.” He hiccuped. You bouced the ping pong ball off the table and into the last cup on Niall’s side. “Winner!” You danced, and Louis and Niall both watched you with an amused look. Niall washed the beer down and huffed, tackling you onto the ping pong table. You giggled as he kissed down your chest, rolling your shirt up and kissing you stomach. You pulled his head up, kissing him, lips tasting like beer and crisps. You both moaned, not hearing Louis’ over each others. “Niall, can you move over, I wanna see boobs.” Louis remarked and you and Niall jumped, both of you falling to the floor. “LOUIS!” You both screamed as you watched his hand slowly come to a halt on his shaft. “Jerking in my girlfriend’s backyard?! REALLY?!” “Hey, I came to see if you guys wanted to chill, but I think porn is better.” You both got up, Niall holding your waist and Louis zipping up his pants. “I’m going to go wash up.” You sighed and Niall reluctantly let go of you. “By the way, nice length!” You shout to Louis over your shoulder and you slip inside. All you hear is “I’m going to kill you. You have 5 seconds to fucking run.”

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