You're On Your Period~ Preference

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Harry: You groaned when your phone went off, moving from the fetal position on your bed and reaching out for it. It was Harry, asking if you wanted to hang out with the boys and him tonight. You send him a quick response, saying you weren’t feeling well, and moved slowly back to bed, trying to appease the raging cramps in your abdomen. Uncomfortably, you were able to drift off to sleep. When you woke up a few hours later, you nearly jumped out of your skin, someone being in the bed with you. “Ssh,” Harry’s low voice was right by your ear, and he was gently spooning you, “It’s just me.” He moved his hand to your stomach, rubbing it softly with just the slightest amount of pressure. “Does that help?” He asked, eyebrows knit together. You let out a deep breath, Harry’s massage helping. “How did you know?” You murmured into his shoulder. He continued to rub your abdomen, “I came to take care of you. When I went to use the bathroom, you left a box of tampons out on the counter.” “You’re the best Haz,” you whispered, falling back to sleep. “Go to sleep,” he kissed you, “There’s chocolate in the kitchen for when you wake up.” 

Niall: Bizarrely enough, Niall loved your period. You didn’t get too terribly moody, you just wanted to eat. A lot. And it was one of the few times that you kept up with him in the food department. “What do you want for dinner tonight, babe?” Niall asked you from the kitchen, perusing two different take out menus. “What are the options?” “Urm… Nandos and Chinese.” You sat there, legs crossed and eyebrows knit together. “Babe,” Niall laughed, “You look so confused. It’s just one meal!” “I know…,” you shrieked, “But it’s one meal and then it’s hours until the next one, and if I make a decision I don’t like -” Niall cut you off with a kiss. “Your hormones, babe,” he smiled. You sighed, “Yes, yes, Horan,” you giggled. “I’ll order both. And then we can cuddle. Will that appease you?” “Hopefully,” you smiled, kissing him softly.

Louis: “Are you really wearing that?” Louis commented, looking at the sweat pants you had on. “YOU KNOW WHAT LOUIS TOMLINSON, I WILL WEAR WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT. AND IF I’M NOT PRETTY ENOUGH FOR YOU, GO SCREW YOURSELF.” You yelled at him angrily, with almost no provocation, and returned to your room. Louis sighed, followed you into the bedroom. “Babe…?” He asked quietly. “Yes?” You were crying in the bed. “Okay,” he nodded his head knowingly, know understanding it was your time of the month. He crawled up in bed next to you, wrapping his arms around you and spooning you sweetie. “Period?” He asked cautiously. You let out a deep sigh. “Yes…,” you turned around to face him and buried your head in  his shoulder. “How terrible am I being?” Louis chuckled and kissed your face all over. “You’re perfect.” “Good answer.” 

Zayn: You were exhausted, your head hurt, and your back was killing you. Ah, mother nature. You were light and noise sensitive, and were currently buried up on the couch with a pillow over your shoulder. Zayn stormed into the flat, singing loudly, badly at that, and flipping all the lights on. “BABE!” He yelled, “Where are you? Let’s go out!” You shuddered until the blanket, “Please, Zayn…” You whimpered. Zayn came into the living room, “Oh! Um, are you feeling alright babe?” You shook your head back and forth, tears springing to your eyes. “Nooooo, I hate this fucking period and I hate my fucking life and I hate being a girl.” Zayn turned the lights off in the living room and moved over to you. “Babe,” he smiled, sitting on the floor next to the couch and running a hand through your hair, “You don’t hate anything. You just don’t feel good. You want a massage?” You nodded vigorously. Zayn gently pulled you into his lap and rubbed your aching back until you fell asleep. 

Liam: “Li…,” you squeaked from his bathroom. You had officially run out of tampons, and were stranded in his bathroom. “You okay, baby?” Liam called through the door, aware it was your ‘time’. “No…” “What do you need?” You opened the door just a crack, sticking your face out. “Umm… can you go get me tampons?” You giggled internally a bit when you saw the color drain from Liam’s face. “Um, yes. Yes, I can. That’s what boyfriends do, right?” He said with a very scared smile, disappearing from the flat. He came back about half an hour later, and opened the bathroom door, holding at least six groceries bags, containing: just about every brand and size of tampon, pads, liners, etc, plus, about three bags of chocolate and a heating pad. Liam bit his lip, “I didn’t know what brand you liked. So I got all of them. And then I thought you wanted chocolate, so I got all of it. And I know you cramp so…” “Li,” you smirked, cutting him off, “You’re perfect.”

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