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Pen Your Pride

The boys come over when you're in your bra and underwear.

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Liam: You rolled out of bed and made your way to the kitchen you reached for a glass and poured yourself some juice. You heard the front door shut and assumed Liam was home “Hey babe.” you said while walking out of the kitchen in just your bra and panties. “Looking good, Y/N.” Niall said with a giggle before Liam noticed you had no clothes on. He rushed to you and swung his jacket around you. He zipped it up “Go upstairs and put some clothes on please.” Liam said before kissing you and walking a clearly embarrassed you to the stairs.

Louis: You were going out to eat with the guys tonight and you still couldn’t find an outfit. You ran downstairs to see if you had any options in the dryer. As you got off the stairs you noticed all the guys were sitting in your living room waiting for you. “Sorry guys!” you said as you sprinted past them and into the laundry room. Louis approached you “Who really even needs clothes anyways?” he asked while hugging you from behind and kissing your neck. 

Harry: Clothing was not often worn in yours and Harry’s flat. The only time you had clothes on was usually when other people were over. You weren’t expecting company, so you had on just a bra and panties and Harry surprisingly had boxers on. You were sitting on the kitchen counter with your legs wrapping around Harry’s waist and your hands around his neck as you kissed him. Just then, you heard 4 very familiar voices shouting both of your names. “We’re in the kitchen!” Harry yelled not realizing you both had barely anything on and returning to your lips. “Whoa sorry for interrupting. We can come back later..” Liam joked as they returned to the living room and waited for you both.

Niall: You were expecting Niall home any minute so you figured, why bother putting on clothes? You were laying on the couch waiting when you fell asleep. You hadn’t noticed all the guys walked in because you were cuddled up on the couch sleeping. “I like to sleep commando too.” Harry said with a cheeky smile as Niall picked you up and put you gently in bed to finish your nap.

Zayn: You had just got out of the shower and were running downstairs to get clothes. Nobody was home when you went in the shower so you figured it was still just you. You ran downstairs in your bra and panties to grab some sweats. “Hey boo.” Zayn said as you passed. You entered the living room before changing, thinking it was just Zayn. “Oh hey everyone!” you said before hiding behind a wall and putting on clothes.

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