A jump into the void

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I sprung right up and ran to the portal. I was about to jump right through it when I stopped myself. I needed supplies. I couldn't go there with no weapons or protection. I slowly walked back a bit and took in a deep breath. I needed to get supplies and fast. Than I got tackled by creeper on my left side. I was pinned down by her and looked into her eyes. She was furious, "And what are you doing?!"

I sighed and pushed her iffy with an unknown strength I didn't know I had. I got up and ran out of the building. I ran right into the dark forest that was near the building I was basically held hostage.

I broke down trees and made some tools. I hadn't seen any of the mobs yet, they must be fighting or really bad at searching. I made my way to a cave as I heard a hiss. I turned around to see a creeper. This creeper was a normal one, green and pixalated. I jump back as it exploded. I felt a world of pain from the explosion and more pain when I hit the ground. I got up and limped into the cave. I didn't have time to worry about injuries, I needed to get out of here.

I found some iron and smelted it up. I made myself a little area in the cave to live. There were torches, walls of dirt and stone, crafting table and furnace. Even a bed i somehow got from finding a few sheep above surface. I lied on the bed, waiting for the smelting to be done. Than I heard footsteps. I got up and my eyes widened in pure terror as I saw my visitor. It was a girl in blue pants and shirt. She had gray shoes and a lightly tanned skin. Her eyes were solid white. She grinned wildly at me and ran up to me. She grabbed my neck and pinned me against  the wall. I gagged for air and she started talking in a soft voice ,but could have been the devil's, "Hello Steve...nice of you to come to my home.." she laughed wildly and than continued, "You're going into the Nether with me...and you'll love it!"

She snapped her fingers and the whole cave rumbled. I looked at my feet to see I was in mod air above a purple portal. The girl laughed again before dropping me into the purple portal in the ground. I just jumped into the Nether...

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