Burning Obsession

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When I entered the Nether I landed on hot, solid and crusty ground. I groaned with pain and tried to get up. Not a good idea. I was pushed back down by something but I couldn't turn my head to see who did it. I heard a female voice whisper in my ear, "Welcome to hell..."

Panic filled my body. I struggled to get out of the hold but couldn't. Somehow this girl was 10× stronger than me. I eventually gave up and stared at the Netherack floor. The voice started whispering again, "Better now?"

I took in a deep breath and nodded. This girl was insane. Yet again, I was in Minecraftia...no. I was in the Nether. Even worse than Minecraftia. She kept whispering, "I have always wanted you Steve...and now I got you..." she laughs quietly, seeming like she doesn't want to disturb a sleeping baby. Why was she so quiet? Were there others in the Nether who would come save me? She continued, "Now Steve...I need you to promise me something."

"What?" was all I could say.

She laughed quietly again, "Beat the Ender Dragon...be the hero I always saw you as in Minecraftia...be my fantasy come to life."

I felt passion in her voice. Whoever or whatever she was one thing was clear; she was obsessed with me. For some reason though...I liked it. I think I am finally going crazy. I finally replied, "Anything for my biggest fan."

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