The jump

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I sighed as Blaze got me out of the webs and I put my pants on. Cave Spider was knocked out on the floor and looked like a sleeping child. Blaze and I made out way to Skeleton, who was stuck in more cobwebs. While we walked for a few minutes I still had to wrap my head around everything.
I thought when I beat the Enderdragon I saved them, not erase them. I don't want them gone since they're basically the closet thing to friends I got. Sure I have friends in the real world like smart aleck Jackson and laid back Mike and creepy Vincent, and very few others,  but that was about it for me. I want to protect these mobs with my life, but I don't want to be stuck here for the rest of my life. I was so conflicted, but I only had one choice. I had to beat the Enderdragon. It's what Blaze, Spider and Zombie want.
When we got to Skeleton another thought popped into my head, why was she here? She wanted me to stay like Creeper and Endergirl. Did she come here because she changed her mind? Or was it to...stop us? Only one way to find out.
Blaze and I pulled of the cobwebs from her and Blaze so kindly shook her to wake. She opened her eyes surprised and looked at Blaze. Blaze stopped shaking her and Skeleton sighed, "Nice to see you Blaze."
"Shut up, I don't want to hear a word about me from you!" Blaze responded, smiling a bit.
Skeleton turned towards me and lightly smiled, "Hey Steve."
I nodded, "Hey."
She got up and grabbed my arm. She pulled me close and whispered into my ear, "You aren't leaving Steve..." and than I heard a thump and pushed back from Skeleton to see a bunch of small girls in gray shirts and pants on top of Blaze, keeping her to the floor and gagging her. Blaze looked at me with wide eyes and I quickly took a glance at Skeleton to see her smirking. She tackled me to the floor and I tried to wiggle out of her grip, but got no result besides getting tired. I looked right into Skeleton's eyes and she whispered, "You can't go Steve...I can't be alone again...never again..." and than I somehow passed out.

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