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"Steve here is not from Minecraftia." the portal said as everyone quieted down. He continued, "I brought him here for one reason and one reason only."

I gulped, wondering what it would be. Endergirl could read my mind so she asked the question, "And what is that?"

The portal talked in a deep dark voice now, "To kill the Ender Dragon. After that Steve can return home. Hope you all don't ruin it for Steve! Bye now!" and with that the portal became just an obsidian frame.

Skeleton sighed and said, "Alright....well I will be taking care of Steve now, you all have fun!" she picked me up, surprisingly strong for being shorter than me and ran with amazing speed. I heard two pairs of footsteps chasing her and skeleton whispered, "Stay here Steve. I will make you happier than you were in your world."

I felt my cheeks blush at the thought. Than Endergirl teleported in front of us and skeleton bumped into her. I fell right off and landed on my back, passing out.

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