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As the two finally made it to Blaze and me they stood there, looking a littl3 scared under their happy expressions. Zombie took out a potato and bit it, " f~found Blaze, h~huh?" she asked while eating.
I nodded and looked at Blaze. She was shivering and it was obvious why. She was in a bikini in the snow, not exactly the best clothes to have on right now. I sighed and took out some wool and handed it to her. She wrapped it around herself, "T-thanks..."
Spider patted Blaze on the shoulder, "You seem better than the others."
Blaze smiled, "Well, I have more control than the others. I know not to be selfish."
Hearing those word made me break my silence, "I'm the one who's being selfish."
Blaze shook her head, "You deserve to go home." Spider and Zombie nodded.
"But you'll all die if I do." I replied feeling even more selfish.
Spider patted me on the back, "We're just code. You are actual flesh and blood."
Zombie ate a part of her potato again, "Plus we can be programmed back in...just be normal instead of these human forms."
I was about to counter again when the ground shook with amazing force. Everyone collapsed to the floor and holes started opening in the ground. I started slipping into the hole when Blaze grabbed my arm. She tried pulling, but she too was falling down a hole. I shouted over the sound if shaking, "Let go!"
"Why?!" Blaze asked, her expression making it look like she thinks I am crazy.
"Down the...Stronghold!" I shouted back. It had to be, I felt the power of the portal like the Nether portal's was.
Blaze nodded and let go of me. I fell down the hole into the hole into the stronghold.
I woke up to be in a library. I tried to get up, but something was holding me down. I looker down to see cobwebs. I sighed, "Spider..."
I heard a high pitch laugh and looked up to see a little version of the Spider I know. She also had green eyes instead of her red eyes. She started talking in a higher pitch version voice of Spider, "Hello Steve, welcome to my library in the stronghold. Oh and by the way, you are never leaving."

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