A tough choice

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When I woke up from my dreamless sleep I found that I was in a bed. I tried to sit up, but something tied me down. I sighed, since this wasn't new, and looked to my left and right.
To my left I saw a painting of a three headed beast that was pure black and reminded me of a withered away hydra.
To my right I saw Blaze tied to another bed. She was passed out and I felt so sorry for her. I brought her into this, making her think that I woykd stop the Enderdragon and now we are trapper because of Skeleton.
I wasn't mad at her or happy to see her or upset or anything. Just confused. She talked about being alone. How was she alone? Than again she only showed herself to me and Creeper because of me. She liked me and got enough courage to finally talk to someone because of that. What if I go that not only will this world be reset, but when she is reprogrammed she'll be alone again. What if what I am doing could hurt these people more than I ever thought. Zombie, Spider and Blaze might be fine with it, but the others don't want to lose their world...lose me.
I closed my eyes, deep in thought. Should I do this? Should I try beating the Enderdragon so I can go home or stay here to keep the mobs happy?
Thinking it over, them being human makes them weaker, but still hold some ability. I mean Skeleton still has bow skills, Endergirl can teleport and the Spiders have their webs. Than again some mobs lost abilities entirely, like Creeper exploding or Blaze flying. Man, what is the right call?
Go home or stay here?
I sighed and passed out again, hopefully being able to talk when I wake up.

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