Jelly Skeleton

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I pull back and duck as the arrow flies by. Creeper turns and sigh, "Not that girl..." she says looking into the forest.

I look and see a girl in a white jacket with white hair and a bow. She looks as old as me and Creeper. She sighs, "You aren't my favorite mob either Creeper."

"Shut up Skeleton!" Creeper shouts. So this is the Skeleton. Skeleton sighs and walks past Creeper and up to me, "Hello Steve." she says in a voice that I almost get an anime nosebleed from.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Creeper growls and pushes Skeleton away. She hugs me and Skeleton growls, "Hey!" she tackles Creeper and they get into a slap fight on the ground. Not knowing what to do I take out a Crafting table and place it. I make myself a wooden pickaxes and look back at the girls.

"Steve us mine!" Creeper shouts slapping Skeleton.

"No he isn't!" Skeleton shouts back whacking Creeper with her bow.

I sigh and pick up the crafting table. I head towards the forest again when I am picked up by someone and the person whispers, "prepare for teleportation  Steve."

Before I know it I am taken into the abyss of darkness.

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