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I didn't drown in the water for two reasons, one being i had air bubbles im the mimecraftt mechanic that allowed me to be okay and some girls with really long hair and in blue swimsuits swam me and the Creeper back to the surface. I coughed for no reason above the surface. One of the girls that saved me started talking, "Are you okay?"

I looked at her and nodded

Another one asked, "What were you two doing?"

Creeper replied, all though I wish she didn't, "I was hugging him!"

I sighed and started swimming to the shore. I got up and out of it. The girls waved goodbye as Creeper swam to shore. As she got up on the land the girls went under water.

"Squids are useless" Creeper said, like she was making a joke.

I sighed, "They saved our lives "

Creeper shrugged and hugged me again as I saw an arrow fly by my head.

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