Wake up to a mob of girls.

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I was dreaming of pancakes and waffles. It was morning and Saturday. Mm...I loved waffles. So good. Especially chocolate chip ones. I kept eating until the house started to shake. I got up and ran to the front door to see it had turned into a Minecraft wooden door. Than I heard screaming of girls. I ran out the door, leading me back into the awareness of Minecraftia.

When you are awakened I will say that girls shouldn't be fighting as you wake up. All though there are some sick people who would like that when they wake up, I don't. All the mobs were fighting beside the bed I somehow got on. Endergirl had held up spider who was trying to get out of her hold. Creeper was pinned down by skeleton. Zombie was on top of me, eating a potato. She grinned at me, "Found my potato Steve!"

Skeleton and Endergirl looked at me and spider got out of Endergirl's grip and Creeper threw skeleton off of her. They all got up and glanced at each other. It was clear that hated each other's guts. Zombie got off of me and sat in the corner, eating her potato. Skeleton sighed, "We have to decide what to do."

The others nodded. Skeleton continued, "Should Steve return home or stay here?"

My heart pounded. They were deciding for me?! My heart stopped when skeleton said, "All in favor of home?" and only Zombie and spider raised their hands. It was clear I wasn't going home. And I don't know how to feel.

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