The Creeper

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"Wait...what are you?"

She giggled, "I'm a creeper silly!" she hugs me even tighter and I look at her. She smiles at me and I sigh. She keeps hugging me and I wonder if this will be all she'll do to me. She finally lets me go and yawns, "I'm tired Steve!"

I nod, "Okay, seems something Creepers do, get tired..."

She looks at me rubbing her eyes, "Well...this is the first time I am tired...can you sleep with me Steve?"

I blushed wildly, I could feel it. I moved my hands in front of me and wave them, "Woah Woah Woah! I'm not sleeping with you!"

She pouted, "Please Steve, I won't keep you up. I'll be quiet and quick!"

I blushed even more, "Just stop talking! This is embaressing!"

She tilted her head, "How? I just want some one to fall asleep with."

I quickly turn around and walk away from the forest swiftly. I hear her follow and I sigh. She is nuts, she is asking me to sleep with her! She hugged me from behind and I fall into the water with her hugging me...

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