The Forest

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I ran to the first tree I saw in an instant. I punched it and to my surprise it didn't hurt like I thought it would. Maybe Minecraft materials are all made of pillows. I started breaking down the tree and I soon had a bunch if logs floating above the ground. I picked them up and they vanished. They must have gone into my inventory. I looked around for a floating screen and realized I had something on my back. I took it off and examined it under the shade of the floating leaves. It was a brown backpack with one zipper. I opened the zipper and pulled out a blank map and the tree logs I chopped down. I decided to try and craft. So I searched my pockets and found a sheet of paper. I laid it on the ground and unfolded it to reveal a 2×2 square area. So this is how ill craft. I put one of the logs in the top left corner and it became 4 planks. I put the planks all around the square and got a crafting table. I was about to head back to the desert when I heard a hiss. I turned around and saw...Wait are my eyes right? I saw a girl in a green hoodie with black hair. She wore black shorts and had blue eyes. The hood of her hoodie had a creeper face on it and than she started talking, "STEVE!" she screamed with joy and hugged me. I was confused out of my mind. I was about to pull back until I heard something that terrified me, "Huh...for some reason I didn't explode this time. Is it weird for creepers not to explode?"

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