A few more friends

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Soon we made it to a portal. It was standing in the middle of a netherack island in the middle of a lava lake. We were able to make a bridge with my cobble stone blocks I so happened to have. The heat made us sweat and Blaze seemed to cling to my stomach, almost making me fall off. I sighed and kept walking until we made it there.
I collapsed to the floor of the island and felt Blaze collapse on top of me. I felt a very soft part of her on my neck and I felt my face grow red as I thought of what it was. God, why am I such a pervert?! First with Endergirl, now Blaze. Jeez, I need to become a monk or something to isolate myself from women. Hopefully that'll make me less of a pervert...or it could go wrong and make me want them more. Ugh...I hate myself.
I felt Blaze move around a bit and whisper, "I am...so...tired..."
I chuckled, "You don't say?"
She giggled a little, "Well...I haven't been very active in my new form. I used to fly everywhere, but I lost them for these useless balloons. "
I felt my face get even redder, "Well let's just get out of the Nether."
She got off me and helped me up. She sighed, "Sure gonna miss this place."
"What do you mean? You're gonna come back to the Nether after I beat the Enderdragon." I replied.
She shake her head, "That's not how it works...after you leave the world it gets deleted."
When we got into the overworld, Minecraftia, I still couldn't believe that this world will disappear when I do. Blaze leaned onto me as I looked at our surroundings.
We were in a Snow covered forest that represented it hadn't been touched in forever. The trees were all fully grown, the water was all ice and there wasn't a speck of grass without snow on it. I felt the moonlight shine upon us and the cold hit me. I shivered and Blaze looked into my eyes. She showed genuine concern, "You okay?"
I simply nodded, not wanting her to be too concerned. She nodded in reply and hugged me. I smiled lightly and patted her back.
Than I heard footsteps. I looked around and I could tell Blaze was too. She gasped and I turned to where she was looking.
We saw Spider and Zombie. They were both lightly smiling and made there way towards us. Blaze let go of me and I just stared at them. I didn't know how I felt. Happy? Brave? Suspicious? Either way one thing was for sure. The two mobs who wanted me to beat the Enderdragon were here to help.

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