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Red Dress

The thing with waking up with people in your room is that it should not be allowed

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The thing with waking up with people in your room is that it should not be allowed. I don't look the best when I snore with my mouth wide open and traces of drool on my cheeks. What's more embarrassing is when you've been woken up and you need a few seconds to take it all in.

They had to see you looking like that. And that doesn't look good.

That's what happened to me awhile ago.

Like a bird in a cage, I felt like everybody was gawking at me. They were waiting to see my reaction as a familiar voice woke me up. It took me a few seconds to register that it was my sister, Danielle.

The ever perfect Danielle, whom you'd never get the chance to see ugly because beauty was simply innate in her.

"Good morning, little Callie," she whispered in her sweet melodious voice.

Without bothering with the stench of my morning breath, I quickly pulled Danielle into an embrace. "Oh my God! You're already here! I missed you!"

"I'm too late now, am I not?" She asked in the nicest way.

I pulled away from the hug to look at her. "Wow, you didn't age a bit. Did you find the fountain of youth in one of your travels?"

She chuckled at my words. Not the answer I was looking for Danielle.

"By the way, you're not too late. The season's simply beginning." I said to console her. Honestly, she really wasn't.

"Glad to hear," she replied, with her graceful smile.

I couldn't resist it so I lunged for another hug from her. "I missed you so much! Where's—"

I paused. Just before I could string my words out. There standing before us was Prince Patrick, Danielle's husband. With all his regal royalness, he managed to give a warm nod and smile towards me. Along with him were two guards who seemed to have busied themselves staring at the Prince's back.

They let them in inside my room when I looked like this, I thought to myself. How dare they.

Danielle must have felt my embrace loosening up. She forced one last tight hug and whispered to my ear, "We haven't been here awhile. Georgia gave us the permission to come inside your room."

"I'm embarrassed," I replied back, making sure that it's inaudible to the rest of the people in the room.

"You look nice," Danielle said. "Not your best, but you do look nice."

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