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Lady Danbury's Ball

Lady Danbury's house was already filled the moment my family arrived

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Lady Danbury's house was already filled the moment my family arrived. Chandeliers glistened in this bright white light, while the orchestra played melodies fitting for the event this evening. Everywhere are men with longing eyes and women with shy giggles.

"Thank you," I whispered to Stella while walking.

She looked at me, curiously. "For what sister?"

"For helping me prepare for this ball," I responded, careful at every step I take given that my focus was on the conversation and not the path I was walking on. "Today was tiresome, but at least I got to wear this magnificent gown for this expensive evening affair."

"Never bother, sister," she said, busy addressing the ladies and men who smiled at her. "That's what the Nightingale sisters do."

I uttered a soft laugh. "Undoubtedly."

Our stroll towards the dance floor was halted upon Lord Wetherby stopped us on our tracks.
He bowed before addressing us.

"Lady Stella," he said looking into my sister's eyes, then into mine. "Lady Calypso, may I have the honors of being your first dance this evening?"

He stretched his hands, palms open waiting for my response. I looked at Stella first for approval to which she responded with a nod. Instantly, I took his hand as he led me into the dancefloor.

As we glided through the crowd, I realized the lighting favored Lord Wetherby's soft features. His chiseled jawline lined with a groomed beard casted a small shadow on his adam's apple. On his neck, I noticed a dark bruise-like spot. But before I could ask him about it, he dragged me onto the dancefloor excitedly with his puppy eyes glinting upon hearing the orchestra shift to a more lively music.

When we arrived at the dancefloor, I placed my left hand on his shoulders, while holding his hand with the other one. His right hand was also placed on my back. We both waltzed into the music. I following his lead.

"Lord Wetherby," I said, trying to engage in a conversation with a person I've never talked to before. "I've never viewed you as the courting type."

He raised an eyebrow before curiously asking, "Oh, why must that be Lady Calypso?"

"I always thought a lucky lady has already won your heart over," I confessed, observing the way he behaved in a sea full of young available women.

"So," he paused, eyes still locked into mine. "If that's how you think, why did you think I asked you to dance with me?"

I thought hard about his question. After a couple of seconds struggling to catch the pace of the dance, I responded. "You tell me."

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