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I meant it when I said I'd be going solo to the Vauxhall Celebration

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I meant it when I said I'd be going solo to the Vauxhall Celebration.

By solo, I meant without any male partner but of course, with my sisters who are ever so dazzling with their dresses and jewelries. It's well known to everyone that the Nightingales are gifted in the looks department.

When we arrived to the venue, the dances have already started. The people were noticeably having fun. Some ladies were drinking what appears to be champagne, whilst having some small talk. The gentlemen wore their well-ironed suits, in the hopes of pleasing their date for tonight or finding to attract someone. Some paired up couples were even on the dancefloor, swaying to the beat of the orchestrated music.

The first to leave our group was Stella. She always had the social battery to interact with her long time friends who were attendees of the event.

"Mother, may I please be excused," she says, to which mom immediately agreed upon.

Georgia was the one who hated these kinds of celebration so she kept close to where we were going and didnt dare divert her eyes on our path. Danielle, on the other hand, catches a lot of the stares. With her sparkling blue dress, it's no doubt people would be admiring how regal she looks. Meanwhile, Hazel had her arms wrapped around Mom's arms. She was also greeting people and nodding towards acquaintances like my mom.

As we were walking, it finally dawned on me how as siblings, we really are distinct from one another. Stella's the social butterfly, Georgia's the brain, Danielle's the beauty, and Hazel's the fun one. Meanwhile, I don't know what my distinct quality is. Maybe, Calypso, the youngest... or the lovesick.

As we were walking the grounds, I suddenly saw a familiar face. It was the younger Bridgerton brother who was dancing with an adorable chubby lady, which made me think that the rest of the Bridgertons are already here, including the person who must not be named.

Suddenly, a loud voice boomed from a distance. "Ladies and gentlemen, a most extraordinary event is about to take place. Right this way."

The guy who was speaking through the microphone pointed to his left which leads to the yard of the palace. Since everyone has heard his announcement, many sauntered towards the place he was referring to.

"What might this be?" Hazel asked, soft enough that only a few would hear.

"Well, we won't know if we don't go," remarked Georgia sarcastically. It was pretty obvious how much she hates social gathering like this one.

No matter how sarcastic she was with her words, it does hold true. So, the rest of my group followed all the other people who walked towards the area the master of ceremony has pointed to.

The walk was simply short, as if you were just strolling in the park.

When we arrived to the designated area, the place was engulfed by shadows if not for a few candlelights. Also, there was barely any room for us to move.

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