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Eyes of the Critics

James didn't lie when he said he'd meet me the next day

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James didn't lie when he said he'd meet me the next day. Like yesterday, he showed up early. He wore his well-ironed maroon suit, and black skintight pants which is quite new to look at.

"Hi," he waved as he was walking towards me.

I walked towards him, careful not to trip on my white dress, embroidered with golden lace which were intertwining to form flowers. It was a dress my mother had tailored for this season.

When we met in the middle of the cobblestones. I beamed a smile at him. "You're early."

"Didn't want to keep you waiting," he said while reaching out for my hand to gently kiss it. "I travelled with the best carriage we have, just so you would feel comfortable."

He looked back, and there was an extravagant carriage parked right outside. Upon seeing us looking at his direction, the coachman smiled and bowed.

I nodded to let him know I saw his polite gesture. "What are we waiting for?"

James positioned right beside me and held out his left elbow. I took that chance to intertwine my hands on his as we walked towards our ride.

The coachman sported an expensive suit, with protective gears on his knees and leather gloves. Just from looking at him, I knew that he's well taken care of by the Rosewood's and highly valued. The Rosewood's are quite well-known in the town for being extremely wealthy and generous. So, it wasn't a surprise that even their loyal workers were luxurious looking.

"To the park, Sir Edmund," James politely said to the coachman.

He nodded. "Noted, Sir James."

James helped me get inside the carriage which smelled heavenly. The cushions on the seat were even so soft like it hasn't been used for ages. Meanwhile, James settled right beside me.

Once we were comfortably seated, the coachman commanded the horse to start walking.

The road was smoother than expected. There wasn't any deep bumps on the road that completely shook the carriage. James and I conversed while we were heading towards the park. He recounted his horse story from yesterday and it was indeed funny.

The story went along the lines of him wetting his pants right after his horseriding lesson. And I can see why Hazel couldn't contain her laughter

The ride wasn't as long since the park was only a few kilometers away from our house. Once we arrived, James went out first and helped me maintain my balance as I got out.

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