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Intertwined Fingers

I was still left in awe after the lighting ceremony

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I was still left in awe after the lighting ceremony. Not because of what happened with Anthony, but because of the lights.

The hanging lights on the wire were magnificent. They illuminated each and everyone's faces, casting a light shadow on areas that were beyond its point of reach. From where I stood, I did clearly see how amazed everybody were the instant they had witnessed the lights. But now, the excitement has died down and everybody went back to the front yard to resume the dances, the drinking, and the chitchats with their friends, who if I'm right were placing bets whether who gets the most luxurious wedding on this season.

Meanwhile, my sisters and I remained for a little while admiring the lights. "They're beautiful, aren't they?" asked Danielle, who had her arms wrapped around me.

I simply nodded, and Hazel need not to respond as she might have a stiff neck in the morning from looking up for the longest of time.

"During my season, the celebrations were much simpler, and they had no such displays like these," said Danielle, who from the look in her eyes were overwhelmed by nostalgia. "I even remembered that the highlight of my season, was when I was standing by the water fountain and dropping coins to make a wish."

"What?" I immediately looked at her with an eyebrow raised. "It wasn't your wedding?"

She giggled. "Oh, I forgot to factor that in. Of course, it was my wedding. Then what I said comes second."

I took a deep sigh. "I thought you weren't happy about getting married."

"Oh, I am. Don't be silly Callie," she said, gently pinching arms with her left arm that was wrapped around me.

Suddenly, Mother went back to check on us. She went to the yard to get a drink and catch up with some of her friends. When she got back, she called out.

"Ladies, what are you still doing here? The celebrations right over there." She pointed out to the direction of the dances.

From here, we could clearly hear the loud upbeat rhythm the orchestra was playing.

"Coming mother," Hazel responded, momentarily getting out of her trance from the lights.

All four of us, including Georgia, headed towards the front yard where Stella was ear-to-ear smiling as she danced with an old friend of hers. Some of the other paired up couples were also dancing in sync with the music, making up dance moves as they went along but managing to do it all gracefully.

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