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The Opera Singer

"Ambitious mamas rejoice, for the new Duke of Hastings continues to grace our city with his presence

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"Ambitious mamas rejoice, for the new Duke of Hastings continues to grace our city with his presence. And oh, what an impressive presence it is. It should be noted that the duke has been overheard announcing to mamas everywhere that he has no plans of marrying. This author wonders which brazen matchmaker shall rise to such a challenge for this competition is well underway.

It has reached my ears that Mr. Colin Bridgerton shall be awarded the year's grand prize when he sweeps Miss Thompson off her pretty little slippered feet.

In other news, a most peculiar suitor for Miss Bridgerton has emerged."

~ Lady Whistledown ~


"Get up, Calypso," said Stella as she flipped my blanket over, exposing me still on my pajamas. "We'll be late for the opera."

"Just a few more minutes," I murmured, hesitant to open my eyes and push away the last remaining bit of sleep in my system.

Stella pulled the blanket away from me, dragging me down onto the floor. This jolted me awake.

"What did you do that for?" I screamed at her.

"Stop daydreaming about your Anthony encounter," hissed Stella, rolling her eyes at me. "It has been days Calypso. Stop dwelling on it."

"I was not," I said, which is partly true. I still haven't stopped thinking about our conversation. "Is it a crime to have an afternoon nap?"

"If that's all you are doing every hour, then yes." Stella strongly remarked, crossing her arms.

"Well then, Georgia reading Lady Whistledown's daily newsletter is also a crime," I narrowed my eyes at my sister who lazily lays on the couch flipping through that piece of paper.

"Shut it, sister," Georgia glared at me. "The author has implicitly written about you, I suppose."

I stood up from the floor, and hurried immediately towards Georgia. Without second guessing, I snatched Lady Whistledown's news from Georgia's hand, almost ripping it apart.

"Hey!" Georgia said, which I completely drowned out as I read through Whistledown's critique.

It isn't only the two Bridgertons who seemingly were paired this year. Rumor has it that the eldest Bridgerton's heart has been voluntarily captured by a young lady who's identity is yet to be unveiled. Whoever she is, she is definitely one lucky gal.

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