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First Encounter

Grosvenor Square was flooded with people of different stories

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Grosvenor Square was flooded with people of different stories. Looking out at the carriage's window, I saw ladies in beautiful dresses being paraded, most of all hopeful that they'll get matched for this year's season. With them are their families, painted on their faces are smiles except for some brothers who are overly protective of their sisters.

"A message from Danielle has arrived this morning," said Mother. "She wishes you luck for today's event and has mentioned of visiting later this week."

"Oh, that would be lovely," I said, my eyes not taken off of the busy scenes of outside. "Has Hazel mentioned when she will come?"

Mother held my hands, and squeezed it lightly. "Like you, I hoped all your sisters would be here to witness such monumental feat in your life. But their lives are far from what we had before. They're busy people with busy lives but they will come. I'm sure they will."

"It's not a big deal, mother," I assured her. "I understand. I'm sure Hazel will pay us a visit before the season ends."

Mother nodded, and continued to hold my hands.

Unlike the travel through the woods, the road is less bumpy now that we have reached the square. Outside, the coachman greets the people he knows and exchange some quick remarks. In front of me, Georgia and Stella were conversing about their lives as a married woman. They tried to interest me in the conversation, but I hardly could pay attention as I fear to disappoint before the Queen.

On the way to the place, we had to stop a couple of times to let people cross the busy streets. Since ours was the first carriage from a line behind us, they also did the same as we stopped. Noticeably, the carriage behind us was far more luxurious than ours.

"I wonder who owns that," I said pointing to the carriage directly behind us.

My two sisters simultaneously raised their heads to take a peak of the carriage. Its black and white polished exterior glistened in the morning light. From this distance, we can hardly see who was inside it but white cotton curtains were hanged on the windows, protecting the people from the harsh light of the sun.

"I have no idea," said Stella, gawking at it to see who owns it. "It's the first time I have seen that carriage for the courting season."

Georgia stared at it for too long. "I bet it's the family's eldest daughter."

"The Bridgertons," interrupted my mother after turning her back to look at it. "The carriage is often used by Viscountess Violet Bridgerton."

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