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Aphrodite's Favorite

Not a single suitor dared to show up as early as James did

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Not a single suitor dared to show up as early as James did. It was barely seven o'clock when he showed up, which made mother quite excited. I was the only daughter from the five whose potential husband showed up unusually early.

Below, I heard inaudible conversations as I put on my favorite comfortable pink dress. I didn't need to look as fancy as I did on the first day, because usually, captivated souls during the first day simply decide to come back regardless of how you looked the next day. Just like how James did.

In fact, his return was earlier than most. He showed up the night before, and now, already here.

I bet my sisters are quizzing him up in the living room. They always do that, with me participating before. Now, it's my turn for finding my match and to have potential suitors get criticized and most of the times, misjudged.

I wonder what they think of James. He's charming and quite endearing so I'll give him that. Maybe it could work on my sisters too.

As I take one last glance at the mirror, I saw my eyes twinkling with excitement. It's just somehow euphoric that someone sees something special in me.

I walked towards the door, but before I could open it, I heard three knocks. Without waiting for my permission, Georgia pushed the door open. It almost hit me if I didn't take a few steps backward.

"Woah," I exclaimed. "Tone down your energy, sister."

"The letters from Danielle," Georgia said.

I had almost forgotten that a letter addressed to me arrived this morning. I was too busy thinking about what could possibly these men see in me. But before my mind get somewhere, I looked at the mail Georgia was handing out to me. It smelled like velvet, a scent which had always been Danielle's signature.

"What did it say?" I asked, while straightening out the subtle creases on my dress.

Georgia raised her eyebrow. "Do you really think I'd read a letter that wasn't mine?"

"Touché," I chuckled. "Though, it seems like you would be there as I open one and secretly read the content."

She smiled. "Just open it."

I opened the letter, and on the paper were Danielle's legible cursive handwriting.

Dear My Little Callie,

            I extend my deepest apologies for not returning home for the big events you will experience in the upcoming days. The trip with Kevin took longer than expected. Although he has promised that we will be there in not more than one week. I'm just a little frustrated to be missing some traditions in the family, like throwing out questions to your suitors.

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