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A Romantic Challenger

The man's perfectly lined-up luminous teeth reflected some of the moonlight

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The man's perfectly lined-up luminous teeth reflected some of the moonlight. From this terrace, I could make sense of his figure. His body muscly in all the perfect places with his fitted white suit favoring his physique.

Immediately, I thought about Anthony. I hoped this man would be him, but I just know the man before me is taller than the viscount is.

From the shade, the man walked towards the spot under the lamppost. And there, I recognized who he is.

"What are you doing here at this hour? The courting session will be tomorrow morning," I said, toning my voice down just so my family could not hear as I talk to him, while scrunching my eyebrows.

He looked at me, with a smirk on his face. "Are you displeased to see me, milady?"

I placed my right hand over my chest to pretend I was shocked from his remarks. "What made you say so, mister?"

He held out a laugh as if I had said something funny. "Mister? You don't even remember my name and I've introduced myself to you only hours ago."

"You're James Rosewood," I confessed. "The one whose compliments I had offensively laughed at. I felt bad." I lied, his compliment was just too rehearsed.

"So you do remember me?" He asked, grinning with his arms resting on both his side pockets.

"Yes," I replied. I was wondering what he really is planning right now. A lady shouldn't be talking to someone outside her house this time of the night. "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to apologize for that compliment," he said. Quite truthfully, I might add. His body language just told me he was ashamed of it. "My friend told me that ladies always fall for it and I was dumb enough to take advice from someone who hasn't found his wife yet."

"Tell this friend of yours that it was the worst advice," I smiled at him, warming up to his company. "It did you no favor awhile ago."

He looked up, still smiling. James had this aura on him I never saw awhile ago while we were getting to know each other. "Oh, it was obvious from the way you seemed disinterested while we were talking."

"Blame that lousy compliment of yours," I said, quite louder than I intended to. Quite harsher, too.

He placed both his hands on his chest and arched his back, like something had pierced his heart. "That was quite mean, Lady Calypso."

"Mean, yes." I responded, pouting my lips. "But also true."

"I couldn't agree more."

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