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A Shooting Star

The ride home was long and tiring, but Stella was occupied by my stories as I gushed about our dance

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The ride home was long and tiring, but Stella was occupied by my stories as I gushed about our dance. So, the time spent going back home was barely noticed with how excited we both were——me to retell the story and Stella to know the details.

After recalling how everything happened, I might have fantasized so much about the moment that even Stella could feel the admiration I have towards the viscount. She was staring at me with her eyes twinkling and an ear-splitting smile.

"Was it love at first sight, Callie?" she asked, resting her head on the windows of the carriage.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, sister. All I know is that I loved how his stares and smiles make me feel."

"Oh, young love."

"What?" I giggled. "It's not like I know everything I'm saying."

"You do know sister. Little do you know, soon enough you'll be searching for his face in a crowded room," Stella remarked.

I looked at her curiously. I have never visualized her as a romantic way before her debut. But during her first season, I observed the way he looked at Brett, her husband now. She was madly in love with him the instant she laid her eyes on him.

"Was it like this when you first met Brett?" I asked.

She looked at me, and softly nods. "Brett was my love at first sight. And I was glad that he was. I couldn't envision myself being a wife of another man but Brett."

I took a sigh. I knew well that their marriage is almost perfect. "I wish I can soon have what you two have."

"You will, sister," she said surely, making me feel a little insecure because what if I don't?. "Hopefully, with Viscount Anthony Bridgerton."

"Shut up, Stella!" I raised my voice, feeling a little flushed by the idea. My cheeks were burning red in the dim glow inside the carriage.

"I wholeheartedly wish you the best sister," she smiled. "I wish that you find comforts in the arms of a man who will protect you the way father has protected mother."

"I hope so, too." I whispered, unsure whether there's someone out there who will be my lover.

We sat in silence for minutes. Outside, the town was already dark. Only a few can be seen roaming around, and inside the houses are lamps lit. From a distance, I can already see our house but it's not a dozen more minutes before we arrive.

There was something inside my mind that have bothered me ever since our conversation ended. I looked at Stella before deciding whether to ask her. She was also looking outside, "Stella, do you think Anthony will show up tomorrow?"

"If no part of your story was falsified and you said things as they were, I guarantee you he will," she reached for my hand. "With the moments you both shared, I'm sure he wouldn't let a girl like you simply pass him by."

Hearing that from Stella gave me a feeling of relief. "Thanks, Stella."

"It's no bother, sister."

A few more minutes has passed then we have already arrived in our home. The warm scent of homecooked meal welcomed Stella and I which was unusually late. In the living room, Georgia was busy re-reading the Lady Whistledown issue this morning. Her daily parchments seem to be the entertainment of the whole town nowadays while I try to stray away from reading it as some content can be a little too cynical.

"We're here!" announced Stella as she set foot inside our house. "What is that smell?"

We followed the mouth-watering smell onto the dinner table, and with mother was a curly brunette lady along her blond-haired handsome husband.

"Hazel!" I screamed in glee. "You're here!"

She first took a spoonfull of soup before standing up. Hazel walked towards me while Logan smiled at me to address my presence. Slowly, Hazel lifted her dress to not step on it as she walked towards me to hug me.

"Of course, I am!" she said, tapping me on the back as she embraced me. "How could I miss the opportunity of witnessing my sister blossom into a lady."

Stella coughed. "Your choice of words, Hazel."

"What?" Hazel looked at Stella. "It's not like Mother hasn't already told her." She looked at mother, to which she responded with a headshake. "Oh."

"What should mother tell me, sisters?" I curiously asked.

"Now is not the time for that ladies," my mother interrupted. "I'm sure it was a long night. You should rest now, Calypso. Let your sisters and I catch up while Hazel finish her soup."

"It was a tiring journey back here," Hazel interrupted as she head back to her seat.

"I guess, I'll see you all tomorrow," I said. "Good night everyone!"

I head back to my room, and locked my door. I changed into my red sleeping silk dress, and positioned myself beneath the sheets. I tried to sleep but my heart still couldn't get over from everything that has happened tonight.

I forced my eyes close, but no amount of sleepiness came over me. I tried changing position, but it was no use. The excitement I felt from that dance is still here within and I can't seem to shake it off my system.

Anthony Bridgerton.

His named echoed in my head. His face is all I see as I close my eyes. How could I sleep now?

Frustrated, I got up off the bed and went outside the terrace on my room. I reached for the cardigan that I have comfortably placed in the seat beside the terrace door. It always comes handy during nights like these.

I wore the cardigan as I stared out at the starry sky above. Lightyears away, a shooting star graced the night sky. Old belief has it that if you make a wish upon it, it will come true.

So I did.

Passionately, I made a wish cause what really is there to lose.

"I wish Anthony Bridgerton shows up tomorrow," I whispered with the wind.

If now is the time to prove whether such belief holds true, I hope my granted wish will be proof.

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