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Tears and Vodka

Anthony took one large sip out of his glass the moment I entered the cafe

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Anthony took one large sip out of his glass the moment I entered the cafe. His eyes were bright red and puffy, and was vacantly staring out into the distance.

I approached him carefully, trying not to look like a stalker who keeps on stealing a conversation with him. While walking, I was waiting for him to divert his eyes towards me, just so it could announce my presence but it never happened.

As a second option, I gently placed my hands on the table. It blocked him to whatever he was staring that he looked at me.

"It's you again," he said, voice low sounding a little hushed with a stuffed nose.

"I'm sorry to barge into your personal space again, Viscount Bridgerton," I apologized, as I bowed my head. "But I was just on my way to the dress store when I came upon a sight that bothered me."

"I wonder what that might be," he chuckled sarcastically. "Go do what it is you were planning to do, and don't let me be a bother."

"You seemed to be troubled, is there anything I could do to ease some of it?" I sincerely asked, while I slowly sat on the chair opposite him on this table.

"Troubled is an understatement for what I am feeling right now, Lady Calypso," he said as I smelled the stench of vodka coming from him. "I'm shattered and there's nothing you can do about it. So, just quit it with your good samaritan act."

As he said that, his words rung inside my head. I felt hatred swiftly course through my system. Forecully, I slapped my hands on the table to catch his attention. It was too strong that some of his drinks spilled.

"I was just trying to help," I shouted at him. "You know what, go on and be sad with your tears and vodka. Hope you drown on them."

There was no customer in the cafe this hour so it was only the workers who had to witness my outrage. I was indeed pissed with the way he responded.

The heels clacked on the tiled floor of the cafe as I walked outside it. I think Anthony tried to follow me but he was drunk that he couldn't keep his balance. Last I've heard was a loud thump on the floor but I didn't dare look back.

I couldn't care less. It was stupid of me having a crush on him.

The anger I felt didn't dissipate. I rolled my eyes at my past self for ever daydreaming about him. Although when I think about it, I have no idea what he currently is going through. But is it enough excuse for him to be a dick? I don't think so.

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