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Taste of Wishful Thinking

☆ Taste of Wishful Thinking ☆

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He didn't come.

So much for my highest hopes last night. I held on to my wishful thinking until it deemed hopeless. The day could've been bearable had he decided to show up in our front porch.

I just needed one smile from him. He didn't even have to talk. I just wanted to know if the moment we shared in Lady Danbury's ball meant something. Turns out, it was all one-sided.

As I lay in my bed of despair, I looked up to the ceiling. The fleeting feeling of excitement fresh within my heart. Along with it the memory of what transpired today.

I began the day excited. Full of hopes that at one point Anthony Bridgerton would show up at our steps. I bathed while singing a song I've heard Stella has been singing since she arrived here weeks ago.

While under the shower, I was already thinking of possible conversation starters. That get-to-know quick schemes only few people are gifted of acing. As the cold temperature of droplets of water hit my bare skin, I remembered the warmth I felt when I was dancing with the viscount. It made the cold bearable.

"Maam Callie," called out Hanna, our house maid and my dear friend. "The guests will be arriving in a couple of minutes now. Your mother instructed me to tell you to hurry up."

Inside the bathroom, my voice echoed as I spoke. "Hanna, please tell mother I'll be ready in about ten minutes. Thank you." I paused, as I scrub my skin with soap. "And what have I told you about simply addressing me Callie?"

"Okay, Callie," she replies. "It's just a little awkward now that you're——"

"I'm what?" I cut her off. "It's fine. Call me Callie. You have called me that since we we're little."

"As you say, Maam Callie," she teased, emphasizing on maam.

"Whatever Hanna," I rolled my eyes inside the bathroom. I almost laughed upon seeing my reflection on the mirror. "Now, tell mother I'll be ready soon."

"As you wish," she said, trailing sound of footsteps heard outside.

After a few moments, I got off of the bathroom. My lilac cotton towel dripping water. I put on my pastel blue dress that I'll be wearing in the hopes of enchanting the men that comes by, especially the viscount. Before putting it on, I asked Hanna to tighten my inner corset, that I'll be wearing beneath it just so I could have that hourglass-shaped body that effortlessly tantalizes the gazing eyes of men.

I wasn't doing it for their approval though. I wanted myself to look as presentable and gorgeous to feel good about myself, not that I don't already look good. It's simply the type of occasion designed for such practice and I'm fine dressing up for this.

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