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☆ Rumors Fly ☆

The red curtains close while I remained feeling blue

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The red curtains close while I remained feeling blue. Right before those heavy drapes completely covered the waving casts of the opera, my eyes were fixed on the lady named Sienna.

The last feature I remembered to hate was her seemingly perfect smile. With the warmth it has, there's no wonder it could tangle the viscount's heartstrings.

Little did I know, my hands were gripping Georgia's hands, tighter and tighter as the curtains covered the whole stage-making the rest of cast disappear from view, including Sienna.

My nails were embedding on Georgia's sensitive skin, and I wouldn't have noticed if my sister didn't utter a single word.

"Ouch," wailed Georgia, as she swats away my arms off of her. "Are you mad?"

On that instant, my emotions stooped. I was once again back to my reality. "Oh, I'm so sorry Georgia. I didn't mean-"

"Yeah, whatever," Georgia rolled her eyes at her. "If this bleeds, even a little, you'll pay for it."

"How is that possible?" I asked, watching the rest of my sisters get up off their seats.

"An eye for an eye, Calypso," she threatened, which hardly has any effect on me now.

"We better get going," Mother said. "It's almost getting late. You have another courting day ahead of you Calypso."

"Yes, mother," I replied, completely ignoring Georgia's glaring eyes. But in all honestly, I was still hoping I didn't wound her arms. I was just carried away.

One by one, my sisters and I walked out of the place being led by my mother. Awaiting outside was the carriage that was also our ride earlier.

"Have you been here for long?" asked my Mother, right before she held onto the carriage door's handles.

"Only a few minutes, milady," the man said, his eyes were noticeably droopy at this time of the night.

"Good to know," Mother responded, while opening the door. She looked towards Stella signalling that she walks inside first.

The rest of my sisters followed along with me. Mother was the last to board the carriage. As we all settled, Georgia sat near the window and everytime we pass by a streetlight, she raises her left arm towards the light searching for any sign of blood in her arms.

Stella looked at her confused for a few minutes. Her curiousity must have been overflowing that after a few times she had noticed Georgia doing that, she asked. "What are you doing Georgia?"

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