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Chapter Four

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"You're still my person, even if I'm not yours." ~ Grey's Anatomy


"Are you ready?" My dad asked when I walked downstairs. "Where's your violin?"

"You want me to sing, right? I can't play and sing at the same time. I can play piano and sing, but not my violin." I explained.

Without me knowing, my dad went and booked me to perform at this fancy Italian restaurant downtown. I wasn't thrilled with it at first, but once I accepted it, I was actually okay with it.

"Grab it anyways. You might be able to sneak a song in there," My dad said with a smile. I let out a deep breath and went back upstairs. I grabbed my violin case from under my bed and carried it downstairs.

Dad, Liv, and I exited the house and dad locked it up behind us. We walked down to the driveway and he unlocked his car.

"Hey, Emily!" A voice called from the street. I turned around and it was Brandon. He was walked with a person who looked like his little sister, she seemed to be around eight or nine years old.

Behind my back, I handed Livy my violin and she reluctantly took it out of my grasp. "Oh, hey, Brandon!" I nervously called back. He waved to me and Liv before leading his little sister down the street and out of our sight. The three of us hopped into Dad's car and he began to drive us to the restaurant.

We've been in Naples for about three weeks now, and I haven't been to this restaurant. We go out to eat or get takeout pretty much every night, unless Cynthia, Liv, or I step up to make dinner. My dad doesn't cook. He never has and he probably never will. Dad said this restaurant is pretty fancy, and there's always a live entertainment playing in the restaurant. Tonight, that entertainment would be me. The restaurant opens at four, and it was three-thirty now, so we'd be there in time.

When we arrived, my dad led us inside. "Hey, guys!" A man, looking to be about thirty, greeted the three of us. "You must be Emily," The man shook my hand.

"Yep," I shook his hand back. "That's me,"

"I'm David, I'm the co-owner here. My father started the restaurant back forty or so years ago, and when he got Alzheimer's three years ago, me and my brother Kevin picked up the restaurant to keep it going. My dad, he always loved music and entertainment in restaurants, so Kevin and I tried to keep that up." The man explained to Liv and I. "And it's great to see you again, Jason." He said to my dad. "Thanks again for hooking me up with your daughter for tonight, we couldn't find anybody."

"Great to see you too," My dad said.

"Alright, Emily, there's a stage in the dining room against the left side wall, you can get up on there and set everything up. Do whatever you need to do," David told me.

"Awesome, thanks," I smiled, walking into the dining room with Liv following me. I found the stage he was talking about. He wasn't the biggest thing ever, but there were lights beaming onto it and it was about a foot and half off of the ground.

"Are you sure I look okay? This place looks so fancy," I asked Liv.

"You look great, trust me. Maybe some guy who comes in will hook up with you later,". She joked with a small laugh.

"Yeah, attractive boys would probably want to hook up with some geeky girl playing her violin and piano and singing in front of a crowd at a restaurant." I sarcastically remarked.

"You look stunning, shut up!" Livy exclaimed. I was wearing a white dress with lace sleeves that were a three-quarter length down my arm. The dress went down mid-thigh and I really liked it. For jewellery, I was wearing a bronze coloured statement necklace with mint green stones in the center. I had diamond earrings in my ears and couple of rings on my fingers that matched the necklace. My hair was down straight and I had tan and white wedged heels on my feet.

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