Chapter Twelve

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"Please. I don't want that to go away. I don't want to forget." ~ Dory, Finding Nemo


"Hey, don't be sad," Brandon told me.

"I am sad," I pouted. We were still at Claudia's party, but I wasn't enjoying myself anymore. After what happened with Charlie, I've just been disappointed.

"Let's get you another drink, okay?" He proposed. I nodded. Together we walked over to the kegs and he grabbed an unopened can of Bud Light that was sitting on the ground in a case in front of the case. He handed it to me and I popped it open.

"Is it because of Charlie?" He asked. I nodded. "What did he do?"

"Nothing, I'm overreacting," I shrugged.

"Emily, it has to be something," He said. "You don't cry over much."

He was right, I rarely cry in front of other people. It just makes me uncomfortable. I was talking to Sadie about what happened in between a couple of cars and Brandon bumped into us. He told Sadie to go away, and she did. I was hugging Sadie and crying on her shoulder when Brandon found us.

"No," I refused. "I'm being stupid. Charlie was being reasonable and I am overreacting."

"Listen," He took my hand in his and squeezed it reassuringly. "Charlie's my best friend, and I love him. But you're awesome and I've gotten to love you this summer too. I've learned a lot about the both of you over time, and I've decided that you are not a very emotional person. You're basically the happiest person that I've ever met and there's barely a minute that passes when you're not laughing. It's weird to see you sad and crying, and I want it to stop. But I know that it's not going to stop until this whole thing works out, so why don't you talk to me?"

"You said it, you're best friend is Charlie. I can't talk about him with his best friend, it's just not normal," I explained.

"Fine, then I'll go ask him about it," He sighed.

"Fine," I repeated as he walked away. Once he was gone, I chugged down the remainder of the beer that was in my hand and tossed the can down onto the ground. When that one was gone, I did the same with a second one. Then, I got a cup and filled it up with the keg right in front of me. Before I sucked down that whole one too, I walked away from the alcohol supply. I walked with my cup and settled at some random truck. I leaned back against it and just watched everyone else have a good time and enjoy themselves.

"What's up?" Liv asked me, leaning back next to me. "Where are Charlie and Sadie and everyone?"

"Dunno," I shrugged, even though I could see the majority of my friends dancing right now. Charlie and Brandon were the only two that I couldn't see at the moment.

"What's wrong? Why are you all pouty?" She questioned.

"I'm fine," I assured her.

"You know, I've seen you like this before. The only times you've ever really been like this is when you had a fight with Johnny or when Johnny hurt you. What did Charlie do?"

"Charlie did nothing," I shook my head.

"Are you pregnant?" She said in a quiet voice.

I looked at her. "No!"



"Oh, hey, Charlie and Brandon are over there. And Sadie and Justin are dancing over there, why don't you join someone?" She told me, nudging my arm with her elbow.

"'Cause I don't want to," I sighed. "I just want to go home."

"Then go home," She muttered.

"I can't, Sadie's my ride," I replied.

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