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Chapter Five

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"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique." ~ Walt Disney


Today was Thursday, which is also the day that Danica was coming down for. She's planning on being here Thursday through either Sunday or Monday, which will probably end up being Monday.

I'm ecstatic that she's coming down to visit. It's been less than a month without her, but I miss her like crazy. We've gone through everything for the past few years together, and sometimes I love her more than I love my own sister.

Like now, for example. I like Danica more than Olivia right now. I still haven't forgiven Liv, even though it's not really a big deal anymore. Charlie didn't mention the topic once, and neither did Devin or Zach. I know that Charlie told Zach everything when I left, because, how could you not? Nobody brought up the conversation, and I'm very happy to keep it that way.

I was actually hanging out with everybody right now. There was the four boys, me, Sadie, and Brandon's recent girlfriend named Callie. None of really like Callie except for Brandon, but it's his girlfriend so our opinion doesn't really matter. The seven of us were at the beach, and Danica was going to meet us here when she got here.

I'm kind of nervous about Danica and Sadie and how they'll get along. Danica and I used to hate people like Sadie, because those are the type of girls that used to bully me in elementary school and pick on both me and Danica in middle school. Neither of us have ever really had good experiences with blonde airheads like that, but Sadie really is the sweetest.

"Em?" A voice called from behind me. I snapped my head around and peered through the sunglasses, just to see my best friend.

"Danicaaaaaa!" I screamed, getting up and running to her. We hugged each other for a minute, both of us just purely happy to see each other.

"Those are your friends?" She asked, mid-hug. We had our heads on each other's shoulders, and my back was facing our group so she has a perfect view of them.


"Fuck, they're even hotter in person. Is Sadie the blonde or the redhead?" She said quietly.

"Blonde," I replied. Our hug dismissed.

"She's gorgeous," She remarked.

"You have to give Sadie a chance, okay?" I made her promise me. "Trust me, you will not like her at first. I didn't like her either. When you warm up to her she gets all soft and she becomes normal. Just give her a chance, for me," I smiled a really big and cheesy smile at her.

"Only 'cause it's you," She sighed.

"Yay!" I called. I led her back to the group. "Everybody, this is Danica. Danica this is Brandon, Callie, Justin, Sadie, Zach, and Charlie."

"Emily, she's hotter than you!" Zach yelled over to me. Danica laughed and blushed as red as a fire truck. She can't take compliments well, she always blushes.

"Shut up, Zach," I rolled my eyes.

"Oh!" Danica exclaimed. "He's the one that you fucked,"

"You don't tell people that," Zach snapped.

"I'll tell anybody whatever I want to tell them," I smirked.

"Okay, then admit you were sore." He crossed his arms. He's still caught up on that.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night,"

"Perfect," He smirked.

"It's great to meet you!" Sadie enthusiastically called.

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