Chapter Sixteen

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"I'm here, your lives just got better." ~ Cody, Suite Life on Deck


"Hi, Em," My mom gave me a hug when she stepped inside the house. She then gave my dad a VERY awkward looking and quick hug and then she gave Liv a much longer and affectionate hug. "Want me to help you start loading some stuff in the car?"

"I just have a couple bags, but I'm also waiting to say goodbye to my friends," I told her.

"Oh, absolutely. Liv, wanna grab some lunch with your old mom so we can give Emily some space?" My mom suggested to my little sister.

"Yeah, definitely," Liv agreed. Mom then told me that she'd be back in about an hour or so, and the two of them then headed out.

"I think I'm gonna head over to Cynthia's. Your friends are walking up now, and I want to give you guys some time and some space. We said our goodbyes last night so that works, right?" Dad offered.

"You don't have to leave if you don't want to," I said.

"No, you've gotten close with these guys this summer and I know how emotional you can get," He joked. "I'm gonna head out."

"Okay, bye, daddy," I hugged him tightly. "I'm gonna miss you. Thank you so much for everything this summer. I love you."

"I love you too. Maybe come down and see me sometime when you're home. I'll keep you in the loop with everything and I'll keep you up-to-date with the wedding. Stay out of trouble over in Rhode Island. I know you're gonna be fine, just please try and call me every once in a while," He rambled.

"Yeah, of course," I responded.

"Okay, I'll catch ya later, Emily. I had a great summer with you," He bid.

"Me too. Thanks again, dad," I waved as I watched him slowly disappear down the porch stairs.

Just as my father had predicted, my friends then came up the stairs and joined me on the porch.

"Hey, guys," I greeted, wiping the stray tear off of my cheek. I then sat down in the two-person swing in which Sadie joined me when she got up onto the porch. Charlie then sat in the adirondack chair next to the swing and Zach and Brandon sat on the cushioned stray love seat type couch across from Sadie and I.

"How much time do we have before you're leaving?" Charlie asked.

"My mom already got here, but her and Liv just went to grab some lunch so they'll probably be back in an hour or so," I explained.

"Ooh, I know!" Sadie exclaimed. "Let's all share our favorite memory with Emily!"

"Please, nothing sexual," I interrupted with a laugh.

"Actually, first let's do of her, like funny things that she did and stuff, then we'll do favorite memories with her," Sadie decided.

"I'll start," Brandon volunteered, laughing apparently about the story that he was about to say. "It was in the middle of July, I think. We were all at a big party. I was playing beer pong in the basement of this house that we were at, I can't remember who's party it was. Anyways, here comes wasted Emily, stumbling down the stairs as she trips over her feet and chugs a beer. I just remember her climbing onto this pool table in the middle of a game of pool. First off, she picked up two of the balls and stuffed them in her shirt as boobs. Then she yelled to the room and told everyone to look at her new boob job. And then, she aimlessly danced around the table, soon falling off the table and laying on the ground out cold for about ten minutes before someone splashed some water on her."

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