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Chapter One

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"Life is like fireworks. You can close your eyes and be scared, or you can open your eyes and enjoy the view." ~ Unknown


"Emily, come on, sweetie. Your father's been dying to see you for three years now. Just give him the summer. And don't ignore him the whole time, okay?" My mother told me as she continued to drive my sister and I to my father's house.

"I don't want to go, Mom." I whined, scrolling through my phone.

"He wants you there, so you're going to go and that's that. You'll be fine, baby. Just make the most of the whole situation," She stated, taking the turn that leads onto the highway.

"So there's nothing that I can do to change your mind?" I prompted.

"Nope," My mother refused.

"See, this is why you have no friends. You're annoying, and you're always complaining. Don't you think that it might be a good thing to finally see dad again for the first time in three years?" My annoying sixteen year old sister, Olivia, remarked. Olivia and I are actually really close, especially for sisters who are so close in age. Just like any other sisters, we fight a lot.

"Olivia! Don't say that to your sister," My mother gasped. I love my mom, she's like my best friend. There really is no reason why I should be going out here with my dad, being forced to spend my last summer at home with my father instead of my mother. I'm not close at all with my dad, and I'm as close as could be with my mom. It just doesn't make any sense.

"Oh, and I don't want to spend the whole summer with her." I complained, pointing to the backseat, where Liv was sitting.

"Oh, please! Don't overreact." My mom exclaimed. "And, girls, please, for your father's sake, don't fight all summer." Olivia and I shooed away the thought, seeing as both of us knew that this summer would be filled with fighting between the two of us.

Kicking off my flip flops, I placed my feet on the dashboard of my mother's SUV. My mom hates it when I put my feet on the dash, but I find it to be the most comfortable position possible in the car. And, I knew that she didn't want to put me in an even worse mood, so she wouldn't say anything. Digging into my black North Face backpack under my legs, I pulled out a notebook and a pen and opened it to a blank page.

I like music and art, so I often draw in my notebook and write music and stuff. I'm pretty talented in both subjects, so I like to spend my time doing either of them. My dad got me into music when I was in second grade, he got me to play the recorder and the piano. Then, in fourth grade I moved up to the flute and the violin. I gave up on the recorder, and I can sort of still play the flute, but I mainly focus on the violin. I'm still good at the piano, I just find it kind of boring. I also used to take singing lessons, so my voice isn't too bad and I can sing, though I don't like it as much as my violin.

And, when I was in fourth grade and my mom's ears were ready to bleed because of all my music, she got me into art. My mom is an artist too, she still takes some classes and she does an art show about once a month. I mainly love to paint, especially with watercolors, but I also love to draw. I always doodle during school and I draw whatever I feel like drawing when I'm bored.

The notebook that I had in my hand right now was actually a sketchbook, but I've gotten so used to sketchbooks that I do everything in my sketchbooks instead of white lined paper and all that stuff. I had a blue pen in my hand, and I've decided that I will be writing a bucket list for my summer. I already know that this is going to be a pretty excrutiating summer, so like my mom said, I might as well make the most of it.

Emily's Bucket List:

1. Be nice to dad

2. Go paddleboarding

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