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Chapter Six

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"Say you'll remember me, standing in a white dress, standing in the sunset." ~ Taylor Swift, Wildest Dreams


"Hey, what's up?" I answered my phone to Danica who was calling. She went home two days ago and so already miss her.

"Hey, I can't talk for long. I just wanted to say something," She stated.


"Johnny's coming down there today," She said, matter-of-factly.

I groaned. "You're kidding,"

"I am not." she laughed. "He texted me today to ask if I was still down there. He's coming down with his family today for a couple days."

"Damn," I sighed. "Thanks for telling me."

"Of course, good luck. Now I'm gonna go cry for a couple hours at work," She complained. She works at a little smoothie shop in the mall, just to get a little more cash before she goes off to college.

"Have fun with that," I giggled.

"If I cry and tell them that my boyfriend of four years broke up with me, do you think they'll let me go home?" She asked me.

"Seeing as you've never had a boyfriend for over two months, I doubt it." I replied.

"They don't know that," She noted.

"I think you would've said something to someone about this boyfriend of four years if you had one," I laughed.

"Yeah, you're probably right. Alright, I gotta go. Love ya,"

"You too,"

She hung up the phone and I tossed it down onto my bed. Today was this guy named Anthony's birthday, and he's having this party on the beach. It's at this little restaurant place about a half mile down the beach from me. His family is loaded, so the rented out the place and he's having a ton of people go. I've only talked to him a couple times, but he invited me anyways.

I then took a quick shower and blow dried my hair. When I was done, I got dressed. I out on a plain white spaghetti strapped crop top with a v-neck, and a pair of maroon shorts. I straightened my hair and then did my makeup. For my shoes, I picked out a pair of leather flip flops with black straps.

"Why can't I go," Liv whined. She was sitting at the kitchen table, eating a clementine.

"You weren't invited," I laughed.

"Why were you invited?" She huffed.

"Don't know, but I was," I replied.

"Whatever, I'm going over to Devin's," She pouted and left the house.

I went over to the cabinets and quickly took my pills, tossing it back with a glass of orange juice. I'm supposed to take it with food and a drink that's not water, because supposedly water doesn't help it go down as well as other drinks. I'm not hungry, so I'm just drinking a lot of juice with it right now.

"I'm coming in," Sadie said, walking into my house. I was sitting on my counter, drinking my juice and scrolling through my social media feed on my phone.

"Hey," I greeted her. "You look cute,"

"Thanks, but you look better than me. Why did I become friends with you? You always look better than me, and I don't like that," She complained.

"That's a lie," I refused.

"Whatever, you ready?" She proposed.

"Yeah," I nodded and hopped off the counter. I slipped my glass into the dishwasher and grabbed my phone, pushing it into my back pocket. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and yelled up to my dad and Cynthia, who were up in the attic. "Bye, guys!"

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