Chapter Two

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"I'm scared that I'm not myself in here, and I'm scared that I am." ~Piper Chapman, Orange is the New Black


"Happy Fourth of July, girls!" Cynthia greeted Livy and I.

"You too, Cynthia." I responded.

It was just a little before noon right now and the four of us were going to the beach. Charlie's party was later tonight, so it wouldn't be a problem to get there in time for Sadie and Kylie to meet us here. Last night, Sadie followed me on social media. Then, she private messaged me since we didn't have each other's phone numbers. From there, we swapped numbers and went over all the plans for today. We got to know each other more, and she actually is really nice and funny. Her first impression to me seemed annoying, but everybody can get annoying at times.

Her and Kylie would meet Olivia and I here tonight at nine o'clock. Charlie told people to be there for eight thirty, so it was good that she was coming at nine, so we would be late. Nobody wants to be the first person at a party.

My dad, Cynthia, Olivia, and I all grabbed our beach stuffed and headed down the back steps and into the sand. It was brutally hot today, as it should be in July in Florida, but still. I was wearing a 'poppy style' Triangl bikini, that was white and lime green. Over the bathing suit, I had on a short sleeve lacy crop top and denim shorts.

The four of us picked out a spot in the sand and set up all of our belongings. Olivia and I pulled off our clothing over our bathing suits and both sat down in the beach chairs. I took my sunglasses off of my eyes and slipped them into my bag, reclining into the beach chair and closing my eyes, basking in the sun.

"Let's go for a walk," Olivia told me, standing from her chair. I held my hands out for her to pull me out of the chair and she grabbed them and lifted me. Opening up my bag, I took out my Vineyard Vines hat and placed it backwards on my head. "What, are you trying to look preppy and fancy or something?" Liv laughed.

"I'm trying to show a good appearance of myself," I responded as we began our walk down the beach.

"What are you gonna wear to the party tonight?" Livy asked me.

"Not sure yet," I responded.

"Well this is what I'm gonna wear," Liv started to ramble about her outfit before I zoned out and continued walking.

As we were walking, I saw the boys from yesterday tossing a football between them. There were six people today, the same four guys from yesterday and then two more. I'm thinking that the two other boys were Charlie's brother and maybe a friend. Charlie is still definitely the best one out of them. It's only my second day in Naples and I'm already developing a crush on a guy who's only said three words to me. God, that's so pathetic.

I tried to brush off Charlie's amazing looks and keep walking with Livy, but when he noticed me, my heart practically stopped. He looked at my body up and down a couple of times, as did the people that he was with. Oh my God, are they checking me out? They're checking me out. Me, Emily Marie Shepherd is being checked out by extremely cute boys. Maybe they're looking at Olivia.

"Em!" Liv snapped, breaking me from my mind-rambling.

"What?" I barked, mad at her for interrupting my thoughts. When I get into thinking about things, I can think about them for hours on end if I don't get distracted.

"You're practically drooling," She chuckled.

"It's not my fault he's a perfect human," I mentioned, adjusting the top to my bathing suit.

"Get with him, then," Liv suggested.

"Yeah, no." I turned down the thought.

"How come?" She questioned. When I looked back over at them, they were still staring at us. Finally, Charlie raised his arm halfway in the air and waved at Liv and I. I smiled back and waved.

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