Chapter Fifteen

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"When you are missing someone, time seems to be going slower, and when I'm falling in love with someone, time seems to be moving faster."  ~ Taylor Swift


It's Monday now, which is the day that I was supposed to spend with Liv but backfired.  Now, I've had a pretty uneventful day to say the least.  I very easily could've made plans with somebody, but I chose not to.  I'm not in the best mood anyways.  I'm still frustrated with what my sister did.  It's kind of stupid and I shouldn't be this aggravated with her, but I am.

I didn't wake up this morning until around eleven.  Then, when I woke up, I went downstairs and made myself a cup of tea and a grilled cheese with pretzels and apple slices on the side.  I then took my meal back up to my room and ate it in bed.  As I was eating, I was Facetiming Charlie on my laptop.  Then once we hung up, I watched a movie on Netflix.  Then, I drew a little bit and did some random stuff around my room.  Then I took a shower and put on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top with my hair in a very messy bun on the top of my head.  Not to mention that it's been pouring rain all day and it's extremely gloomy outside.

Right now, I'm sitting in the cushioned, two-person swing on the porch with my fourth cup of tea as I watch the rain.  The rain just mesmerizes me so I love to watch it when it rains.  It doesn't rain too often without it being thunder showers down here, so it's nice for there to finally be an all day rain storm.  I also love tea on days like this, which is a reason why I've drank so many cups of tea.  It's also a mint flavored tea that Cynthia likes which is delicious, so I don't blame myself for drinking so many cups.

"Hey, whatcha doing?" Liv sang as she stomped up the stairs quickly so that she wouldn't get wet.  That's another difference between the two of us.  I absolutely love to sing and dance around in the rain and get soaking wet, but she hates it.  She'd rather be locked up inside her room for a week with no exit than get wet from a little rain.  I on the other hand love the feeling, look, and smell of rain.

"Watching the rain," I simply answered without looking at her.

"How long have you been out here?" She replied.

"Not that long," I shrugged.  "Maybe an hour?  Hour and a half?"

"That's a pretty long time," She responded.

"Not that long," I said.

"Don't you want to do anything today?  You have like a day left," She responded, as if I didn't know that already.

"Yeah, well I had plans, but they were canceled very last minute," I annoyingly snapped.

"Okay, okay, wow," She sighed.  "I'll just go eat dinner now."

For what was apparently the duration of her dinner with my dad, I ranted in my head about how annoying and self centered she is.  As I was still mentally complaining to myself, she joined me on the porch once again.

"Okay, what's wrong?" She nagged.  "Just tell me full on."

"Full on?" I mused.  "Well, right now, I'm thinking that you're a selfish, annoying, rude, obnoxious, and self centered bitch.  And that's not even a quarter of all the characteristics that have been floating through my mind."

"Well, that's a force, isn't it?" She replied.

"No, don't think so," I deadpanned. "You just don't understand half that shit that goes on around you. You're just oblivious to the real world."

"I can't say that I know what you mean," She said softly.

"For example, today," I spelled. "We made plans, what, a week ago? Today's probably the last day I'm gonna see for three months at least. You're not even gonna miss me like a at all? 'Cause that's what you blowing me off today felt like. It just frustrates me because you're telling me that I, as your sister, am less important than all your friends here. You may love your friends here dearly, but you still have two weeks left to do whatever-the-hell you want with them. We don't have that together, and we've barely spent any time at all together this summer."

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