Chapter Thirteen

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"If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme." ~ Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio


"Hey, Liv! Where's Emily?" Sadie asked as she stepped inside my house.

"She's sulking on the couch," Liv answered, taking a huge bite of a slice of pizza.

"Okay, thanks," Sadie replied. The noise of walking flip flops sounded and then the couch by my feet dipped down.

"Hey, honey," Sadie, lightly rubbed my back.

"I ruined everything, Sades," I whined.

"Oh, I doubt that," She refused. "Before anything, I bought you a big gallon of Dr. Pepper, a family sized bag of skittles, and some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream."

"Aw, you're the best friend in the whole world," I told her, taking the bag from her. Without even thinking about it, I opened the gallon of Dr. Pepper and took a long swig of it just from the big bottle. Then, I recapped it and placed it on the floor in front of where I was laying on the couch. Next, I took out the quart of ice cream and spoon that were in the bag and began to eat it.

"So, what exactly did you screw up?" Sadie asked, looking for a lot of clarification.

"She didn't even tell you that?" Liv called from the kitchen. "She's been whining and worrying about it for like a whole five hours."

"All I got was an 'emergency, SOS,' text a few hours ago, but my mom took my phone away and I just got it back now, so here I am," Sadie explained.

"Why'd your mom take your phone?" I asked.

"I don't know, I think I went over my data plan or something. Or I might've taken money out of her wallet. Or maybe I talked back to her. I don't know, it was probably one of those things," She rambled.

"Oh," I understood. "But, I really did screw up a lot of shit."

"Just fucking tell me already!" She squealed. "Wait, is your dad home?"

"No, him and Cynthia went out to dinner and I think their staying at Cynthia's tonight. Or they might come back here, I'm not really sure."

"Okay, good enough," She nodded.

"Anyways, you have to promise not to freak out," I told her. She nodded again. "I slept with Charlie."

She yelped and gasped. "No you did not!"

"Sadly, I did," I sighed. "He came over earlier and I lied and said I was sick, but he came up anyways a little bit later. He found out I was lying, and then cornered me so we had to talk about everything that happened at Claudia's. Then, we talked a lot. Then, we may have made out a bit. And then one thing led to another and yeah..."

"What do you mean 'one thing led to another!' Things don't just lead on and on like that, Emily! You haven't fucked all summer and then bam, you just fuck. Today of all days, too! You weren't even drunk for God's sake. It was the goddamn middle of the day, too! How did the topic even come up? I'm telling you, I know that things do not just happen like that."

"I may have let out that I was jealous of him sleeping with Tess, especially since I was literally at that same party. Then, jokingly, we like decided that if he was horny he could come to me, because I have a lot of sex and I generally wouldn't be opposed to it. He was all like 'are you sure you're okay with this?' and I just said yeah, because I thought it was. Now that it's happened, I'm kind of a mess. What if he didn't like it? What if he hated the sex? He might hate me, and then that would be really bad. I couldn't let him hate me! I like him! I like him so much!" I explained, though it was more like rambling.

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