Chapter Eleven

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"He'll never give up on you, ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what." ~ Andy, Toy Story 3


"I bet you can't name your scars," Devin called.

"I agree," Liv added.

My dad, Cynthia, Mrs. Goodman, and Mr. Goodman were all sitting together on the beach in one little cluster and Charlie, Devin, Liv, and I were all sitting together in our own little cluster in the sand. Our families planned a beach day together today and later tonight we're holding a cookout for us all up at our house.

"I bet I can," I countered. "I actually have made names for them all, believe it or not."

"No way!" Charlie laughed.

"I'm not even kidding," I stated, folding my legs straight in front of me. "Scar number one, Patricia, Memorial Hospital in Daytona. Scar number two, Hanna, my heart surgery scar, also Memorial Hospital. Most of the surgeries were at Memorial."

I readjusted my bathing suit top after moving it a little to show my scar on my chest.

"It's unbelievable that you actually did this," Devin laughed.

I laughed. "Scar number three, Kayden, Memorial Hospital. Scar number four, Reba, Florida General Hospital in Orlando from when I popped my knee forwards during a lacrosse game. Scar number five, Lillian, Memorial Hospital. Scar number six, Jasper, Memorial Hospital. And, scar number seven, Ginny, from right here in Naples."

"That's kind of crazy," Charlie noted. "That you're only eighteen and you've had seven surgeries from the same thing."

"Shit happens," I shrugged. "I've never really thought of it as a negative. I happened to get the luckier half of the situation when it would have been more fair if Keegan did, you know?"

"Sometimes karma works like that, though," Liv continued. "I learned this in Phycology class last year. Sometimes it's more painful for the subject to be effected through a way involving somebody else, since it's more of a mental drag that you'll always remember. In Keegan's case, the car accident was so bad from the spot that he happened to be in, chances are he didn't even feel it. But all of that really only works if you believe in karma, I guess."

"It's kind of freaky, how things like that work," Devin decided.

"Very freaky," I agreed. "Or maybe things are just a coincidence. Usually very bad and negative coincidences."

"Em, do you want the chips?" My dad called over to me.

"Yes, please!" I replied. He got up and walked the bag of sour cream and onion chips over to me. "Thank you."

"Welcome," He replied, going back to his seat. I took a handful of chips and tossed them into my mouth.

"Your breath is gonna smell like onions after those," Charlie laughed.

"It's worth it," I responded, continuing to eat my snack.

"Good thing I'm not allowed to... Never mind," Charlie smirked at me. He was going to say kiss or something like that.

"Huh?" Devin huffed.

"What?" Olivia added.

"Nothing," I laughed.

"Let me try one," Charlie nodded at the bag in my hand. I gave it to him and he took a chip and popped it in his mouth. "They're actually not that bad."

"See, they're pretty good," I shrugged. I took the bag back from him and we continued to share the chips.

"Those are nasty," Liv scrunched her nose at us.

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