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Character : Sousuke Yamazaki
Anime : Free! Eternal summer.
Happy B-day Nicole Sempai! { Quotev }

Sousuke smiled slightly as he wrapped his arms around you nuzzling your neck as you felt his hot breath against the nape of your neck. You giggled as you felt a smirk form on his lips, his lips were soft and moist as he kissed your cheek laying his chin on your shoulder.

" Come on Sousuke its time for you to go to sleep- "

" Don ' wanna... "

He mumbled as he hugged you tighter to his broad chest as you tensed up a bit at the sudden squeezing.

" Sousuke... Did you have a fight with Rin again? "

He was silent for a few moments as he slowly nodded rubbing his soft hair against you exposed shoulder. You let out a small sigh as you turned around and put your hands around his neck placing a soft gentle kiss on his forehead as you sniffed him letting out a light chuckle.

" You smell like chlorine! " 

" Of course I do! I've been swimming! "

He said as you finally got a laugh out of him, you ruffled his hair as you saw a light blush spread across his face all the way to his ears.

How cute!

" Hey Sousuke ? "

" Yeah Y/n ? "

" ..... I was asked to go too America for a year to study ..."

You looked down as you stopped ruffling his hair as you didn't dare to look up at his no doubt pained expression.

But you couldn't help it.

You just had to look.

And when you did you were met with two beautiful blue coloured eyes. Both filled with pain, and sadness. He grabbed your hand as he rubbed his cheek with it.

" Please don't go- "

There it was.

His pained expression and his begging voice.

" I wish I could but I really need this job... And besides... Its only a year! "

You said as you fought back desperately trying to hold your tears threatening to pour out any moment now. He wrapped both his hands around your waist as you hugged you tightly.

" Please stay.. "

You could tell he was crying-

" Get out. "

What were you doing-

 " What? "

" Please get out. I need to think.. "

Before he could say anything else you pulled him up from his seat on the couch and pushed him out the door slamming it in his face. You slid down the door as you hung your head in your knees. You just let it all out as you even screamed almost loosing your voice.

❊ Time skip ❊

It had been a year since then, after that you just packed up and left. You felt horrible the first day and couldn't concentrate. All you could think about was his pained expression and the last words he said to you before you kicked him out. 

But, it was for the best, right? 

" Please stay- "

But recently when you go you feel like your being watched, being Followed , being stalked. And when you talk to a man or even a boy, they end up dead within 24 hours. But its gotten worst, now you get letters, and phone calls, your terrified to go to sleep.

" Why didn't you stay ? "

You jumped out of bed as you heard a voice. You knew that voice though, it was....No. It couldn't be, Sousuke?  You got up and ran to the phone as you dialled your new boyfriends number.


You didn't sleep the rest of the night after that. How could you? Your boyfriend was missing and you had a stalker on your hands. What were you supposed to do? You pondered this until you heard a knock at the door, you opened it revealing a box with hearts on it. You brought it inside as you opened the box coming face to face, with your boyfriends head.

" No... NO!"

You screamed loudly as you held your head gripping your hair tightly. This was your fault... Why couldn't you have just stayed... Why! Because you didn't an innocent man died! No... Not just an innocent man, People died! And it was all your fault...

" Sousuke please help me... "

You mumbled as you slowly cried yourself to sleep. The next mourning you woke up to loud knocking at your door. You went to open it passing a mirror not really caring that your eyes were puffier than a bunny's tail. You opened the door to a very sexy and mature man in a tuxedo with flowers in hand.

" Hey Y/n! "

" Hi Sousuke...What are you doing here? "

" What? Didn't you call me? "

You snapped your eyes open as your eyes met his dazzling blue ones. You froze in your spot as he pushed his way in admiring you're house setting the bouquet down in a vase he found.

" I'm sorry for just suddenly leaving like that.."

" No problem. I'm a professional swimmer now due to that. How about I cook you something? You look really tried after all. "

" Sure- "

You went over to the living room hiding the head on your way out as you turned on the t.v and waited. When it was ready he called you to the table and the two of you ate together as you felt albeit drowsy.

" You okay Y/n ? " 

" Yeah... Just a bit tried- "


You awoke later as you came to terms with your surroundings. You couldn't tell where you were... But you couldn't move, it was dark... Suddenly the blinds flung open as a gently smiling Sousuke entered into view.

" Y/n I want to make one thing perfectly clear. "

You are mine.

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