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The basement

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Character: Kurogane
Reader's gender: Female
Anime: Tsubasa reservoir chronicles.
Request: Lyndsey Murabito

Why did you have to look so much like her? Her who sent him away, her who put a, a curse on him to get weaker! He could not forgive this! And now....And now he's lost the one thing....THE ONE PERSON HE HELD DEAR TO HIM!

He lost you.

He was a mess but little did he know, you weren't dead. But when you came back, he wouldn't let you out of his sight. He kept watching you....Like a beast stalking his prey, you we're scared. No you we're horrified. But you didn't realize in time. Before you knew it he had stopped letting you go anywhere alone. He stuck to you like glue and refused to let anyone from thee other worlds even near you. Whenever there was a price to pay, so that you wouldn't have too....He gave something up.

You we're too slow to realize the one thing he never told you. The one thing you would never even ad thought of. The one thing...that he said too late. He said..

"I love you"

But nothing was normal when he said it, he said it while covered in blood. He told you that it was from the world you and thee others were currently in. But you we're stupid. You believed in him, you trusted him. And what did he give you in return?


That's right.  He locked you up. For days, weeks, months. When he finally let you out it had been only two days. But you could tell he was serious he left the group and lied to the witch. He told thee others you had gone missing and left with you.

But you learned the hard way not to trust a warrior. They lie, they cause you pain, they confuse you, they make you cry, they.....hey.....he.....He makes you fall in love.

It had been over several months since he locked you up. At least that's what it said on the calendar, over the last few months you had gained more freedom by proving to him that you wouldn't run away. You we're now aloud to go into the kitchen and the first two floors. But you were absolutely forbidden from going into the basement. There are monsters he said. And he wasn't lying. One day curiosity got the better of you and for the first time in a very long time.

You had courage.

Yes after all those months of being locked up you dared to defy him. Your mind was screaming no but you ignored it. After all it was easier to just ignore you conscience right?


You could ignore it but you were only so wrong to how bad it could get. When you opened the door you were greeted by the foul stench of blood and decaying skin. Your eyes adjusted and you realized who the people, no...bodies used to be. Fai...Sakura....Syaoran....and even mokona.

You just lost it and fell to your knees as you felt to strong arms wrap around you and hold you tight as these chilling words we're whispered down your neck.

"I told you you're not aloud into the basement.."

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