Little sister

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Character: Yuuya
Anime: Corpse party
Request: Alice Baskerville

You and Yuka walked through the hallway holding hands as the two of you shook at every small noise. Yuka kept saying she wanted to go home and you had to reassure her that once the two of you found her brother the three of you would go home and everything would be alright.

" Hey Y/n? "

" Yeah Yuka-chan? "

" Are we gonna be alright? "

" ... "

" Y/n? "

" Yeah Yuka-chan we're going to be alright. "

You smiled gently as she squeezed your hand. " Calm down Yuka we're going to get out of here. I promise. " You said as you grinned at her pulling her along with you around the corner. Yuka nodded silently as she looked up from the bloody floor as she saw a silhouette similar to her brothers. Letting go of your hand she ran up and hugged the mysterious figure as you thrust out your hand to try and pull her back stopping when she ran into the figure.

" Nii-san! "  

" ??? "

" Nii-san? "

" Yuka... That isn't Satoshi "

The stranger looked surprised for a moment but quickly regained his composure as he crouched down to her height. You quickly made your way to the two as you stopped at the wall near Yuka in case the two of you needed to run.

" Judging by the fact you just called me ' Nii-san' I take it your looking for him ? "

" Y-yeah..."

" What a coincidence! Im looking for my little sister, maybe we could work together. "

" You really mean it ? Thank you! Im Yuka by the way! "

" Nice to meet you! But who is thee other little girl right there? "

" Tch. Im Y/n "

" Its nice to meet you Y/n-chan, Yuka-chan. Im Yuuya Kizami. "

You didn't like him. Something was wrong. But...


❊Time skip❊


" Come on Y/n-chan we can live happily now. Don't worry, Nii-san is here."

" Get away!"

You shrieked as you backed up until you hit a wall. You were scared and that was a fact, when he killed Yuka.... You couldn't move. You let her die, She'd never forgive you...As you got lost in thought you hadn't realized that Yuuya caught up to you.

" Mpph!"

" Shh shh everything's going to be alright. "

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