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Chracter: Levi
Anime: Attack on titan.
Request: 魅力的な
Warning : contains spoilers for Levi's backstory

You were what people from Sina would call a 'sewer rat' but you didn't care. You didn't have time too, you were too busy doing something very important called surviving.

" Hey Isabella! How you been? "

" Good Y/n how bout you? "

" Pretty good other than the usual. Oh right! One of the cons said that Levi wanted to speak with me? "

" Ay he has a bit of a crush on ya!"

" Great I'll just head on up then. "

You began walking up the stirs creaking your way up the old abandoned building coming to a stop in front of the door to his room. Hearing voices on the other end, you crouched down silently putting your ear to the door to listen.

" Are you sure these will work?" Asked one voice, you recognized the voice as Levi's. 

" Yeah, he won't even know what hit him. " Said the other as you realized it was Furlans.

" Levi are you sure this is a smart idea? I mean we were invited to be in the survey corps. We could just forget about the deal. "

Deal? What deal?

" Furlan, need I remind you this was your plan in the first place? It was your idea that we get the information. Plus, I need to get that blond bastard back for what he did."

You could hear the sound of something getting knocked over as footsteps came closer to the door. You fell backwards jut as the door opened face to face with an angry Levi and a slightly disappointed Furlan.

" Y/n, what are you doing? " Levi asked, surprisingly calm to find out it was you.

" Searching for an elephant, what do you think I was doing? "

Furlan seemed relieved that your sarcasm hadn't run dry as a smile fell upon his face. Levi seemed to relax at your response as he held out his hand helping you up. He led you into the room as the three of you sat around the table.

" Look just tell me what's going on, does it have to do with those survey corps guys?"

" How did you-! "

" Please Furlan, it's the talk of the underground. Everyone knows about it, the great and powerful Levi taken down by humanities strongest soldiers."

" Y/n. "

" Yeah, yeah I got it Levi. "

" Well you aren't wrong Y/n. We were out with the 3D maneuver gear when we ran into them, they caught up to us and offered Levi a deal. We join the survey corps and use our skills for a better purpose. "

" Sounds cool, can I come? I heard the high grounds and royal capital have a great view of the sky. I heard that the sky is bright blue, like that little girls eyes on main street. "

Levi shot to his feet knocking over his drink his eyes looking a bit wild. He looked at you as an eerie silence fell upon the room.

" You aren't coming with us. "

" But- "

" No, this isn't up for debate. '

He grabbed his cloak as he flung it over his shoulders grabbing his knife and maneuver gear as he walked out. The room was silent for a few minutes before Furlan poke up.

" You cam come, you can stowaway in our wagon. "

You leapt up and hugged Furlan and kissed his cheek as you ran out. Little did you know the ice cold stare coming from the window, you brushed off the feeling seeing as you were on the fifth floor.

You road your horse closer to the incoming hoard of titans as your squad leader yelled orders, it went well before said squad got eaten from the waist up by a titan.

" Retreat! "

You yelled as you pulled out the signal gun and fired a black flare, in return several green flares went up. Yu cursed under your breath as you signaled the others in your squad that they had to help out the others, sending up a green flare you changed course.

" Y/n-samma are you sure this is a good idea? "

" Kanna, I haven't been sure in a very long time. "

Your new appointed lieutenant nodded silently as the seven of you left caught up to Furlans and and Isabells squad. As you approached a sense of dread overcame you a you saw Isabelle in the hand of a titan. You shot out your left grapple as you used more gas than you should have.


And all to soon, she was gone. Time seemed to slow down as her head rolled out of the titans mouth after you slit its neck. In the vast distance you could vaguely make out Levi's shadow. You looked down to see Furlan struggling to get his gear to work as you saw a titan foot approaching.

" Furland look  out! "

You screamed out as you were once again to late to save someone. First Isabelle and now Furlan, you landed silently as you looked around you. Everyone from both squads had died. And it was all your fault, to caught up in your grieving you didn't realize the titan's fist.

" Y/n what are you doing?"  You knew that calm voice...

" Levi? " You croaked

" It's alright, everything will be okay. Just go to sleep." Hi voice was so kind and calm, as you felt your eyelids close slowly, in the background you could vaguely make out screaming. You wondered what the two of you would do without Furlan or Iaabelle? As you finally closed your eyes you saw Levi smirking down at you.

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