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Character: Rin Okimura
Anime: Blue exorcist
Request : stewiefangirl

Rin had gotten up earlier than usual and decided to get ready rather early as he grabbed his things and tucked in his tail. Quietly he sneaked off to the class room as he picked up a piece of chalk and began drawing. He wanted to give his crush a nice surprise to give himself a head start, after all he wanted to confess his love that day.

" Almost done-"

"Nii-san what are you doing here? More importantly why so early?"

" I- Um.. I wanted to prepare the chalk board! But I cant do it if your here!"

He said shoving his brother outside into the hallway quickly slamming the door behind him as he went back to his surprise

Why was he so fixated on this girl?

Well he couldn't quiet put a finger on why.

Maybe it was her beautiful h/c Hair.

Or her wonderfully amazing e/c eyes.

But if he had to say, it would have to be her personality.

She was wonderful, she was nice but still stood up for herself when needed, she was a bit of a tomboy but still liked the occasional girl thing, she was just his type of girl... He smiled to himself as he stepped back to admire his work showing a grin of satisfaction as he made the final touches. Looking outside he was swept away as he saw Y/n enter the school grounds, but then came something- or someone he didn't expect to see...

His brother.

How could he have done this too him?

They were brothers!


This isn't fair!

He gripped his hair tightly as he thought this through. If his brother was going to try to steal her away then he would have to be quicker. This was a very bold idea but he was sure this was going to work.

❊ Time Skip ❊

You and Yukio were sitting together on a bench watching the sunset as the two of you fed each other. The two of you giggled and smiled gazing into each others eyes. Little did the two of you know about the monster that lurked in the shadows. You felt shivers up and down your spin all day. And to make matters worse, Rin was acting strange..

" Hey Y/n I have something to ask you. "

" Yeah?"

" Will you go out with me? "

" Wah- Yes!"

You said as you hugged him falling on top of him the two of you grinning as bright as the sun, until you felt something you will never forget.


But it wasn't yours..... Then-

" Y/n .... I thought we had something special.... "

" Ri-  Rin? "

" Why did you let him win? "

" I- I don't understand w-why did you-"


You flinched as he yelled at you. He had never done that before... Rin kept spouting nonsense as you just now thought of looking down to see a bloody and dead Yukio. You fell to your knees as Rin hugged you tightly, his blue flame flickering beautifully around the two of you as he said something you couldn't quiet understand before you faded off into the black abyss .

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