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Character: Yoshiki
Reader's gender: female
Anime: Corpse party.
Request: Alice Baskerville On Quotev

You were trapped and you knew it. You were scared and that was obvious. But no matter what happened you just couldn't bring yourself to cry. Were you a bad person cause you didn't cry even one tear over Naomi's or Mayu's death? No, it wasn't your fault you didn't know it was them, you wouldn't have been able to do a thing even if you had. So why did your heart burn so much? Was this fear?

At the time you didn't realize how wrong you were.

" Hey Y/n how long are you just gonna stand there for? " Yelled the familiar voice of Yoshiki as he called out to you another time before you turned to face him. " What is it?"  You retorted quickly as you turned around once again poking your head around the corner to scan for any danger nearby. " Are you sure we're going to find Satoshi and thee others? " He said with a hint of uncertainty as he began to finish " I mean those kids already told us there's no way we'll end up im the same space."

" I know that but there's always a chance that we can, if we can find even one person then maybe we can work together to get out."
You said as you gave the signal that it was clear. " Yeah but- " This time it was Ayumi's turn to speak as she chimed in " That maybe so  Y/n but we have no way of knowing if they're unstable like the ones we already found, that they haven't already been driven insane."  You glared at her s she gave you a smug look s she clung onto Yoshiki.

" Don't forget Ayumi this was your fault." You mumbled under your breath as the three of you began to make your way through the darkened and bloody hallways. Little did you realize the bone chilling way Yoshiki was staring at you as you made your way down the halls. It was quiet and you hadn't slept for days so you admit that you were a bit on the grumpy side of things but yet who blame you?  You were trapped in an abandoned elementary school with murderous children, paranormal activity, separated fro your friends, people who are living and are trying to kill you and many other set backs and horrible situations.

After about an hour or so the three of you decided to set up temporary camp in the nurses office. You were the first to sleep as you had been up the longest as you awoke to the sound of muffled screaming. By the time you realize what was going on Ayumi who seemed to be in some sort of daze had begun strangling you, as you came to your senses your instincts took over as you grabbed the nearest thing to your hand as you began hitting her over and over with what seemed to be a 'bat like' object.

By the time the ordeal was over you were standing atop of a bloody and near-death Ayumi. By this time Yoshiki had barged in and restrained you, when you realized what you had done an electrical surge went through your body as you fell to your knees. Yoshiki kneeled in front of you as he put his hand on your shoulder looking straight into your eyes as he asked the dreaded question.

" What happened? "

You in all honesty didn't want to answer the question. What were you supposed to say? 
' She tried to kill me first. '
' It was an accident. '
' I didn't mean it. '

Nothing sounded right. You couldn't just remain silent, it was the wrong thing to do! But, why were you so happy? What was you feeling you felt after you realized what you had done. Were you just mistaking it for something else?  No. You had felt this before. With Naomi and Mayu, what was happening to you? Yoshiki gripped your shoulder as the two of you heard Sachiko's voice.

" Come out and play with us. "

She said as the five children entered the room staring down at Ayumi as she struggled to look up at them. " Are you alright Nee-san?" One of them asked as another grabbed their scissors and  began walking closer to you and Yoshiki.  Yoshiki then grabbed your hand and began to run as Ayumi grabbed his leg as the two of you ran over her body, the children were  swarming her as you began to hear painful cracking sounds and disturbing squishing sounds. Yohiki kicked her in the face as he gripped your hand once again taking off.

" What are you doing we need to save Ayumi! " You yelled as the two of you came to a complete stop. The two of you were looking into each others eyes as he grabbed your shoulders and brought his face close to yours placing a gentle kiss on your lips. As he pulled away he grinned and tilted his head to the side and asked " Why? Aren't you happy she's gone? "

When he said that you didn't know how to react. You and Ayumi were good friends and stuck through many tough situations. So how could you be happy at he inevitable death? " You're happy cause now we can finally be together! " He said smiling as he hugged you. " No! Why would I be happy that Ayumi's gone! She was my friend! What's wrong with you!? " You yelled as his smile dropped along with your heart. "Because they were all in our way, this place changed people, or in our case. Bring the better out of people. "

After that you understood what that burning feeling had been earlier on. You had been happy because one by one the people who kept the two of you apart were disappearing from the face of thee earth. Ridding the two of you any obstacles. That's right. You were happy... 

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