The villain

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Character: America ( Alfred F. Jones )
Anime : Hetalia
Request : Thefeelskilledme
S/o = Significant other

America sat down lazily on the couch, he wrapped his arm around his S/o and smiled. His S/o grabbed the remote turning the TV on with a satisfying click. The two of them finally settled down together on the couch to watch a movie together ' Aliens from space, death and carnage from the paranormal. ' And were now wrapped comfortably in a blanket.

" Al are you sure you'll be okay after the movie? The last time we watched something like this, you were scared for a week! You nearly killed Star! " Star, was the cat the Two of you had gotten together, Al wanted a dog, and you had originally wanted a sugar glider. Eventually, after a few heated arguments, the world of you settled on a stray cat with a small star in its coat. After a few moments of silence and the trailers playing in the background, Star jumped up and walked across his lap to yours and curled up in a small ball. All had frown quiet close to the cat when he saw the star.

" Hey Star, wanna watch the movie with us? " Star hissed and laid her head back down, a loud sound came from the TV causing Al the jump a bit and shrink back, causing you to laugh a bit. You pressed play and as you said, he was not fine. My hero. You thought sarcastically. You hugged him and wiggled out of his tight grip, it caused you to wince a bit as you realized he wasn't going to let go.

"Al, " Nothing. This could be bad, you could see he was shaking a bit. "Al.." You pleaded looking desperate, he looked back at you with wide eyes and muttered a quick ' hurry back ' and ' sorry ' before you ran off to the bathroom. Yo sighed in relief as you finally got the chance to stretch out your sore and aching muscles. You didn't want to admit it but sometimes Al scared you, he was sometimes a sweet nerd, but other times he looked like he had been thrown back into war. His nation side consuming him. It horrified to even think about what he had been like.

" Hey babe you okay in there? You've been in there for ten minutes. " Had you? You didn't really count and it didn't seem like that long. You could hear the edgemin his voice, and a small meow. Then a sound that made you shiver, a small whimper from the cat. You slowly opened the door and your Han flew to your mouth. Star was on the ground, twitching and whimpering, blood pouring out from the body with a red blood splatter against the wall. Had she been thrown? You didn't want to believe it, but you wouldn't be surprised.

" Babe I got worried. Thought you were taking to your ex or something, or that a monster got you. Stupid cat, surprised me though. " You looked at him, backing away near the door, but he kept speaking with his back turned to you. Suddenly he turned and sprang from his seat, a hand flew over your mouth and you struggled against him in a futile attempt to escape. He grabbed and clawed at your throat causing you to cough, a few moments later he had pinned you against the wall with a smile on his face.

" sorry babe you're mine now, forever."

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