Red is better than yellow

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Character: Masaomi Kida
Anime: Durarara
Request: stewiefangirl

Masaomi got home later and later to the point you couldn't stay awake long enough to see him come home. You missed the times in high school where you, Masaomi, Anri and Mikaido could hang out together. But ever since the yellow scarves incident you had refused to let him wear yellow. But it was when you were going through his things that you found the same yellow scarf he was wearing when he got knocked upside the head.

" Kida, what is this? "

You said your voice shaking from both anger and fear as you held up the bloody scarf. He looked over as he dropped a box he was holding, good bye sweet collection of anime figurines. 

" Oh that? I kept that to remind me that I wouldn't get involved again..."

He said quickly as his eyes darted across the room looking for something else for his eyes to lock onto. You gave him 'the look' as the tension in the room became unbearable. He started sweating as you didn't take your eyes off him, he seemed near the breaking point as the two of you hear a knock at the door.

" I'll get that! "

He said quickly as he got up ignoring the fallen box as he ran to the door. You sighed and got up from your sitting position and walked to the door to see who it was. You gasped as you realized the two figures at the door, one was a man with black hair and kind blue eyes and a woman with kind brown eyes and black hair. You squealed a bit as you hugged them both.

" Anri, Mikado! It's been so long! "

" Woah, woah, Y/n don't girl out on us. "

" Kida it's been forever since we've seen them, the least we can do is invite them in! "

Masaomi sighed and opened the door a bit more to let them in, you were so excited that you hadn't realized his expression darken. Mikado seemed to tense up as the two of you felt staring at your backs.


The three of you sat at the table having dinner talking about how things were in high school and about how at the time, you had a crush on Mikado. Masamomi's expression instantly darkened at the mention of this but he did nothing out of the ordinary.

" And then she was all like, ' I love you! ' But I was all like, ' sorry...I don't feel the same! ' "

" Mikado, so lucky, she's liked you since we we're in high school, to bad she's mine now. "

Masaomi smiled, but it seemed as though there was more than just a statement. Mikado was about to reply when both his, and Anri's heads fell face first into their food.

" K-Kida, call an ambulance, I think something's wrong.."

" Y/n...Did you really have a crush on him? "

" What? Kida this isn't the time for that! "

He growled and grabbed you by your shoulders and forced you to look at him, a dark expression on his normally bright features.

" Y/n...I will ask one more time before I might have to do something very painful to you. Is that true. "

" I-I....Yes..." You whispered.

" What? "

" Yes..."

" Thank you Y/n, that's all I needed to know. "

He jabbed something into your neck, and darkness consumed you.

The next time you woke up was quiet awhile later than that day, your feet were in chains and the door was tightly sealed. However today was special, the door opened and a grinning expression that replaced the sun, entered.

" Good morning Y/n, it's my birthday remember? "

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