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Character: Eren Yeager
Reader's gender: Female.
Anime: Attack on titan.

Run. That was the only thing on your mind as you ran through the now empty head quarter's that was booming with life just moments ago. Why? Why did it have to end this way? Why couldn't he understand?

"Hey Y/n-chan, where are you? Come on, you want to become my wings right? Then we can fly together...Out of this deranged world."

"Stay away! STAY AWAY!" you shrieked at the brunette approaching you stopped as he froze temporarily.  Shifting slightly under the light breeze of day he brought out his hand and extended it to your face, the smell of blood and decaying bodies growing stronger by the minute.

"Don't be afraid, your wings will be fine, come on no one will ever bother us, not Jean or Mikasa, not ever again..."

He said with a deranged face as he smirked and knelt down to your height bearing his teeth giving you a toothy smile. You shook your head repeatedly as he tilted his head to the side as if to say : what's wrong?

You couldn't take it anymore, you stopped and gave in as he picked you up and carried you back to his room. He smiled gently at you as he layed you down on the bed, bringing the covers up to your face he kissed your cheek and left. He said pne last thing before leaving you there for the night. All alone in the dark, you would be alone, you we're scared, and before you knew it he spoke.

''Dont worry Y/n, its gonna be okay, if you want ill stay here with you...''

He said blushing lightly as he rubbed the back on his neck as though nothing had happened, as if he hand't killed his best friend, or someone like Mikasa, who cared deeply for him, it was surprising that he even managed to do it. He got Annie too , he got them all. He never seemed like someone to break so easily, but he did. He broke. He didn't give up on you though. He didn't let go.  If he could't have you, then no one could. 

And when those words, that phrase, that thought, passed his mind? He caved in, he truely loved you, but he didn't know how to show it. You loved Jean A.k.a Horse face, he didn't know what you saw in him, and neither did any of thee others. You two we're so close they almost never saw you apart from him. But when they did they knew you two either had a fight or got some time to talk on their own.

''Y/n your food, it will get cold. Here, let me feed you, say ahh''

He moved the spoon closer to your mouth as you lifted your head you earned a little Ching sound from the chains around your neck. He had put a dog collar on you to make sure you didn,t run away in turn for taking your chackles off. It was thee only way. You had learned long ago not to even dare to try, even a joke about running away was taken into full account and you we're locked up again.

You hated the cage, you we're scared of the cage, but you knew that even if you we're freed from the cage you wouldn't leave.

Cause your wings were broken.

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